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Where do you hook the power wire for some recently installed aftermarket gauges on a 1991 Toyota Celica ST?

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2004-08-22 15:32:58
2004-08-22 15:32:58

At the fuse box. There should be a In your fuse box. This spot will allow power only when the key is in the on pos.And kill power when off.If you do not want gauage lights to light up tell you turn on the headlights or dash lights.You must go to the headlight reostat or switch. Good Luck Darwin B.

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Toyota Celica was created in 1970.

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They are not aftermarket, they just were not done at the Toyota factory. They are factory authorized conversions done in California. I believe the same company may have made GM's convertibles during the late 80's as well.

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Toyota Celica GT was created in 1990.

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