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Where do you locate college transcripts from Denver Technical College?

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Call the Devry registrar office at 303-280-7500. They will email you a Transcript request form. You will have to fill it out and either mail it or fax it to them. For an official record it will cost $5.00. It is free for an unofficial one. You can pay by cash, check or Credit Card.

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Where can you get transcripts from DIT Denver Institute of Technology?

Westwood College in Denver took over DIT

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Does Denver Technical College exist?

It did, but it doesn't any more. Denver Technical College was purchased by DeVry University in 1999 or 2000. If you look at the transcript request form on the DeVry website, you will see a section that specifically calls out Denver Technical College (as well as a couple others that DeVry bought). HTH

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