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It's under the engine on the passenger side right down near the wheel

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Q: Where do you locate the horn on a ford transit?
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Locate battery on Ford Transit 350?

under drivers seat

Where do you locate the water reservoir on a ford transit?

The right hand side of the engine bay.

When was Ford Transit created?

Ford Transit was created in 1965.

How do you override Ford Transit deadlocks?

How do you override ford transit deadlocks?

Which fuses opens doors Ford Transit?

Which fuses for doors on ford transit

When was Ford Transit Connect created?

Ford Transit Connect was created in 2002.

When was Ford Transit bus created?

Ford Transit bus was created in 1939.

How much can a Ford Transit tow?

how much weight can a ford transit 100bhp tow

Where is the pollen filter on 1996 2.5Lt ford transit?

there is not a pollen filter on a 1996 ford transit

What is the oil type for Ford Transit?

engine oil ford transit 2000 on is sae 30

Where is the horn located on a year 2000 Ford 250?

Up front, behind the grill, but in front of the radiator. Stand in front of the vehicle and have someone else operate the horn - you will quickly locate the source of the sound.

How many lb can you put on a Ford Transit?

The new ford transit connect has a payload capacity of 1600lbs