Where do you make a complaint for not giving medications for someone with multiple health issues in a county jail in Missouri?

Sorry to hear about your ordeal.

If I am correct most of the time when someone is booked into jail she/he is giving a physical by a doctor onsite. This should let officials know what kind of medication you would need or are in any form of disability.

Ask to speak with the nurse and calmly and respectfully explain to her/him about your situation on what medications you need to take as well ask her to pull up any medical history you have to prove of your conditions and back up your claims.

I managed to find information in your state on who you can contact.

My opinion is for you and your other associates each call or write a letter to the inspector general as he/she can better investigate and conduct an investigation of the your allegations.

You may contact the Office of Inspector General at 573-526-6504

or you can call your Attorney General:

Missouri Attorney General's Office

Supreme Court Building

207 W. High St.

P.O. Box 899

Jefferson City, MO 65102

Phone: 573-751-3321

Fax: 573-751-0774

Department of Corrections

2729 Plaza Drive

P.O. Box 236

Jefferson City, Missouri 65102



All of the above is well and good, but you would have more success bailing out the USS Missouri with a teaspoon if it were sitting on the bottom of the ocean.

The fact of the matter is that most of the health care services for jails and prisons in the US are administrated by private contractors like Correctional Medical Services. While I'm not certain CMS has the contract for Missouri county jails, it is likely they or one of their subsidiaries do. Additionally, these private contractors do not care one lick about the health or condition of incarcerated persons. They care about their bottom line, which incidentally gets bigger the fewer services they provide. These companies rotate from state to state, where most have been brought up on indictments of murder and neglect. In the rare cases where the corporations have been found guilty, they reorganize, rename, and continue with business. The sad fact is that no one but the families and friends of the incarcerated care much about their health or well being. After all, the incarcerated are guilty of crimes against the public, and it would just be easier if the felons of the world simply died and ceased to be a problem.

This all being stated, there is one place you can go to get relief, but that will take time, effort, and funds: US Circuit Court. Any time an inmate is denied medication or treatment, it is a Constitutional violation.

Contact a medical malpractice/personal injury/Constitutional law attorney, and immediately file suit against the medical service provider, the prison, the state department of corrections, and every individual person with whom you have had contact. Do not stop. Do not settle out of court. Set the amount you seek, and only make that bottom line increase as you meet resistance.

Have your incarecerated family member begin the grievance process now. It will be necessary for that to be exhausted before you can begin the civil suit and criminal complaint.