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Where do you make the connections on a 1988 Mustang to install a new autometer tach?


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Look on the distributor cap there is a plug in for your tach.

AnswerThat is not correct.... you will need to hook up four wires, actually three to make it work, but four will get the lights working too. Start by locating a good chassis ground and connect the black tach wire to it. The red tach wire needs a 12V positive source that is activated at the acc and run position of the key. To locate this, use a multi-meter or test light and check by turing key forward and backward, looking for power when key is forward in the first spot, or accessory spot, and the run spot (where the key sits when the car is running). The green wire from the tach goes to the ground side or ground wire of you ignition coil you will find this on the drivers side inner fender, under a black cover where the center distributor cap wire is connected. The white wire from the tach goes to a power source that has 12 V positive when your parking lights are activated. You can find this by removing your headlight switch using a small flat headed screw driver (two clips) and look for a small brown wire that has power when both parking lights and head lights are on. This should set you up nicely....

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