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It is located on the left side of the valve cover under the wires you will see the low port I hope it helps ....


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You add refrigerant at the low pressure port but you do not add Freon. You add R134/134a. If you are having to add refrigerant then you have a leak that needs to be repaired first.

According the 1994 Acura Integra LS manual, recharge the system with Refrigerant HFC-134a (R-134a)

Yes. That is the ONLY refrigerant you should use in ANY vehicle with a model year of 1995 or later.

91 will have r-12 freon but can be converted to r-134a easily

How many onces for 134A refrigerant does GMC Sierra use?

It's a CFC refrigerant.

Refrigerant R-134a is zeotrope is a single compound.

R-134A. DuPont was the originator of this refrigerant (not Freon) and they called it Suva 134A.

The difference between brands of 134a refrigerant are largely in their quality control and price. In order to keep with standards, all are required to sell compatible refrigerant.

1.88 lbs (0.85 kg) of R-134A refrigerant.....

Many possibilities, most likely it is out of r-134a refrigerant. May need a recharge or may need to find a leak that could cause the refrigerant to have leaked out. Although there are other potential problems.

R-134A. It's the only commercially available refrigerant approved for use in automobile air conditioning systems.

YES--now days 134a coolant is used in all systems.

Your year of Escort takes R 12 refrigerant. It is no longer available in 14 oz cans. It does come in 20 lb. bulk. In 1994 Ford Escorts went to R-134a refrigerant which will not harm the ozone layer. Kits are made to change the earlier systems which take R12 over to R-134a which mainly involves changing the charge ports. You could take it to an A/C shop and they could recharge it with R12 or you could change the ports over and get a kit at the parts place to recharge it yourself. Detailed instructions come with the R134a charge kits.

134A refrigerant which can be purchased at WalMart or any Parts house.


R-134a ( I believe since the 1994 Ford Explorer model year )

The R in R-134a stands for refrigerant.

R-134A Technically, Freon refers to the older refrigerant. The new stuf is called "134A Refrigerant"... and that's what all newer vehicles use.

All VWs manufactured after mid-1993 use R-134A as their refrigerant, UNLESS you are in Europe, in which case you'd use HC12. A recharge can of around 350 grams of R-134A will run you around $10 at your local parts house. If you're interested in recharging it yourself, buy one with a detachable input valve, which will be blue, and have a pressure gauge built into it to help you determine how much R-134A needs to be added.

Buy yourself a large can of R-134a refrigerant from any auto parts store and follow the instruction on the can itself; it's a cinch. Make sure the refrigerant comes with a connector hose and gauge. The refrigerant was about $50, but you get $10 core charge back when you turn the empty can back into the auto parts store.

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