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In the quotation marks.

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Q: Where do you put a period at the end of quotation marks or in the quotation marks?
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When do you put quotation marks around a title?

you put thequotation marks after a comma and when you start a quotation you have to end it

If you quote someone in the middle of a sentence do you include a period at the end of the quote?

If you have a quote in the middle of the sentence then don't put a period there, put a comma, an exclamation mark, or a question mark. If it is at the end of a sentence then put a period inside the quotation marks.

What punctuation are put around a spoken word?

Quotation marks. "" <- are quotation marks

What do you put at the end of a quote?

Quotes are preceded and followed by quotation marks. Such as "this"...

Do you put quotes after the period or before a period when you put quotes around the last word in a sentence?

Convention differs transatlantically. In The United States, the quotation marks follow the punctuation. In Britain, the punctuation follows the quotation marks.

What do you not put in quotation marks?

Quotation marks should not be used when blockquoting.

Do commas go before or after quotation mark?

after the quotation marks because if put before the quotation mark, that makes the quote seem like if it continues after what you wrote even if the quote has ended. period marks go before the quotation mark because that is ending a sentence... period.

Do you put the quotations after the period for a title of a painting?

yes you do ======== The comma and the period are always placed inside the quotation marks.

If you finish a sentence but put a parenthetical reference for the reader to use as a resource at the end of the sentence do you put a period at the end of the sentence?

Yes. Your end punctuation will come after the closed parenthetical.Example:This is a good category (Quotation Marks, Brackets, and Parentheses).

When a period is used within parenthesis at the end of a sentence would you also put a period outside of the parenthesis?

Yes, A period, question mark or exclamation point is the definite end of a sentence. One should always place a period at the end of quotation marks. Hope this helps.

In a dialogue what punctuation is put around the spoken word?

quotation marks

Do you put quotations after every sentence?

Put a quotation mark at the beginning of the quote and at the end of the quote. You do not need to put quotation marks around each sentence within that quote.