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Where do you put coolant in a 2000 BMW 323?

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In the radiator

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Where do you put coolant in a 1997 BMW 328i?

In the coolant reservoir in front of the engine.

Where to put water and coolant Into a 2000 BMW X5?

The water and coolant is put in the coolant reservoir for the location of this refer to the owners manual. It is best to do this when the engine is cold otherwise you run the risk of getting boiling water all over you. the mixture of coolant to water should be about 50/50.

Where to locate where to put the coolant in the BMW x5?

The coolant for a BMW x5 is placed into the coolant overflow tank on the left side of the engine compartment. It should be filled to the full mark when the engine is at operating temperature.

Where do you put the power steering fluid in the BMW 1999 323?

In the powers steering pump reservoir.

Where do you put the antifreeze in your 2002 BMW 745i?

To the left of the engine - in the coolant tank

Where do you put coolant in a 2000 BMW 740?

On the right of the radiator or tlright in front of the intake filter tube there is black container with a cap, you add it there. Remember you must bleed the system

Were would you put power steering fluid in a 2000 BMW 323 I?

i know its a bit different but all u need is ATF. beemers don't take power steering fluid at least that's what my brother told me

Where do you put and fill water in BMW car engine?

At the radiator or overflow tank. Do not add water, add coolant.

Where do you add coolant after draining the radiator for a 2001 BMW 325ci?

In the top of the radiator but be sure you've put all the pipes back on

Where do you install coolant in a 2000 Honda Civic EX?

Look at the radiator, it should be in the front. It has a cap on it, take it off and you can put coolant in side.

Why is reason the low coolant level light come on Chevy venture 2000?

because your coolant level is too low. put some antifreeze in it......

Where do you put the coolant for 2000 Honda foreman 450?

The Honda 450 foreman 98-04 is air and oil cooled and does not require antifreeze or coolant.

How do you remove coolant reservoir on BMW z4?

If I were wanting to remove the coolant without draining the whole system which would do the trick, I would siphone the coolant out with a small hose like cleaning out an aquarium. Put the hose in the coolant reservoir and use a apparadius to start the sucking and eventual withdrawal of the liquid. Ken

What kind of engine coolant do you put in a 2000 Mercedes Benz s500?

Pentosin - Coolant/Antifreeze Part # PF-NF-1.5L (Blue/Green type) Answer this question...

How do you replace the convertable top to a 2000 BMW z3?

Take off the old one and put the new one on.

How do you change coolant in rendezvous?

step1: remove coolant cap step2: put coolant in step3:put cap back on

Where do i put the ac coolant in an olds aurora?

The coolant goes into the reservoir only that says coolant. You don't put it in the radiator.

What kind of antifreeze do you put in 1999 vw beetle?

Important!!! Use only G12 coolant for any Volkswagen or Audi. DO NOT MIX FACTORY COOLANT WITH ANY OTHER BRAND Dealers will have it for approx 20-30 dollars per gallon. Pentosin produces the coolant for Volkswagen, Audi and BMW.

Can you put water in your coolant tank if you are out of coolant?


Where do you put coolant in a 2006 vw beetle?

Coolant for a 2006 VW Bettle is put into the coolant overflow tank. As it is needed, the radiator will automatically pull in additional coolant.

What kind of antifreeze does a 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan use?

Rdrah states Green....Sorry, Rdrsh, but you got it wrong. Most 2000 Dodge Grand Caravans will have a collar around the cap, which states it's a special coolant. The coolant that they are referring to is a Red HOAT-type coolant. Do NOT put regular green coolant in the vehicle with this warning collar, 'cause you can damage the engine.

What coolant do you put in a Saab 95 diesel estate?

what coolant do you put in a diesel estate saab

Where do you put engine coolant for Dodge Caravan?

in the coolant resivor

What do you put in the coolant container in the engine of a van?

Engine coolant.

How do you replace the radiator in a 1993 323 Mazda?

first drain then undo clips holding it in then then undo hoses put in new one do up hoses then replace clips then fill with 50/50 coolant and water

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