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Q: Where do you put freon in on a 2000 ford focus car?
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Take off hub 2000 Ford Focus?

how to remove hub assbley from car 2000 ford focus

How do you put freon in a 2000 Ford Taurus?

In the 2000 Ford Taurus the low side freon port when facing the car from the front is on the left side fire wall. It may have a blue or black cap.

Where is the starter on 2000 Ford Focus LX?

The starter on a 2000 Ford Focus LX is located under the hood. If you are outside of the car and facing the hood, it is on the right side.

Where is the starter relay on a 2000 Ford Focus?

The starter relay is a part of the starter on a 2000 Ford Focus. It is located under the hood, and on the right side of it if you are facing the car.

Where can a 2000 Ford Focus be bought?

One can purchase a 2000 Ford Focus on websites such as Autos Yahoo or Kelley Blue Book. One can also purchase this car on Edmunds or the Auto Channel.

What is the horsepower of the RS Focus?

There is no car named the "RS Focus" thus, it does not have a horsepower. However, there is a car named the "Ford Focus RS". The car "Ford Focus RS has a horsepower of 305.

Where is are the fuel lines on a 2000 Ford Focus?

Under the car, between the fuel pump and the injector pump.

What Ford car is the successor to the escort?

The direct succesor to the Ford Escort is the Ford Focus. The direct succesor to the Ford Escort is the Ford Focus. The direct succesor to the Ford Escort is the Ford Focus.

Hi you have a 2000 ford focus se when you turn the ac the car stalls when the car is idle?

Look for a vacuum blockage or a vacuum leak.

What Ford car is 5 letters?

Ford Focus

Why would the hazard lights on a 1999 Ford Focus flash when you play with the door switch?

Well, your first problem is that the Ford Focus wasn't made until 2000. Maybe you have a different car altogether.

Where can you find used Ford Focus cars for sale?

One can find a used Ford Focus car for sale online at Auto Trader, Enterprise Car Sales, and Hertz Car Sales. Local used car dealerships also may sell the Ford Focus.

What car is faster Ford Focus rs or Ford Focus rs?

a ford focus has 215 bhp standard while the 3.2 liter r32 v6 has 230 but the ford focus is capabel of pushing out 400bhp i would prefer a ford focus prefenance

How do you change glow plugs on a Ford Focus?

Unless your ford focus is a diesel your car does not have glow plugs.

Is a Ford Focus rear wheel drive?

nope the ford focus is a front wheel drive car

Diagram for freon for 2000 ford escort?

I do not know of any freon diagrams. I would not recommend trying to charge your air conditioning sytem; it is very complex and the system is under high pressure. Take your car to a professional.

How big is a Ford focus?

The Ford Focus is a compact car manufactured by Ford. It is about 14 feet long. It weighs about 2,900 pounds.

What is the most common car?

Ford Focus

Is a Ford Focus a muscle car?

No, not at all.

What is Nicole Andersons car?

Ford Focus

What car did Anthony Brown have?

a ford focus

Can you use diesel fuel in a 2000 Ford Focus?

Do NOT use Diesel fuel in a Ford Focus. The engine will stop running and you will have to drain the gas tank to rid the car of the diesel fuel. Gasoline engines are not designed to run on diesel. They do not have enough compression to cause the diesel fuel to combust The only engine used in a 2000 Ford Focus was the 2.0 which is NOT a diesel engine.

What year was the Ford Escort introduced?

The Ford Escort was originally called "The World Car". It made it's debut in 1981. Ford continued to make the Escort until the year 2000. When 2000 rolled around it began to phase it out by replacing it with the Focus.

What is a better car A focus or a Peugeot?

Ford focus is definitely a better car than Peugeot based on performance.

How should cost a radiator in a Ford Focus?

The cost of a radiator in a Ford Focus will depend on the year of the car. A 2007 Ford Focus radiator will cost an estimated $63.66 at the website, CarParts.