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Where do you put in transmission fluid in a 72 Pontiac lemans?


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it goes in the same tube where the dip stick is at. just dont over fill add a little at a time or it will leak


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You add fluid at the same place you check the level.

When changing the transmission fluid of any car, it is important to know how much fluid to put in. A 2001 Pontiac Sunfire takes 2.5-3 quarts of transmission fluid.

The transmission fluid on a 96 Pontiac Grand Am SE is put into the filler tube on the left side of the engine. It runs directly into the top of the transmission and also contains a dipstick to check fluid levels.

You will need a long narrow funnel that will fit in the small hole of the transmission dipstick tube.

manual trannys dont have fill plugs, most trannys dont have fluid of any kind

You put the Transmission Fluid in the Transmission (fill point transmission drip stick tube)

Buy a transmission funnel and pour the fluid in the dipstick tube.

The transmission fluid is added where you check it, on the toppish left (driver's) side of the transmission.

how do I put transmission fluid in a Saturn vue

For automatic transmission: remove transmission dipstick, put fluid in dipstick tube with funnel. be careful not to overfill.

Transmission fluid is always put in through the Tranny dipstick tube.

dump the fluid in the bottle uder the hood that says transmission fluid.

you dont put transmission fluid in a manual transmission. you need gear oil, and it should be done by a transmission shop

I would assume you will be buying a new transmission, only transmission fluid goes in the transmission.

Unless it has a sealed for life transmission, you put fluid down the dipstick, where you check the fluid level.

The type of automatic transmission fluid to use should be engraved on the transmission fluid dipstick

In the transmission fluid reservoir. Check your owner's manual for the location of the reservoir.

through the transmission fluid dip stick goes in

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