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The filler cap is on the right side, lower part of the engine. There is no dip stick. Its a window that you look in, in the same area. On the center stand, look in the window with a flash lite to see the level. If the engine has enough oil in it, then with the engine running, as you look in the window, have someone shut the engine down. You will see the oil level off to be able to see the level.

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Q: Where do you put the oil in a 1980 Honda goldwing 1100 interstate?
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How do you set Timing for 1980 Honda goldwing 1100 interstate?

The best way would be to pick up a manual. Just too many things to do.

What should the fuel mileage be on a 1980 Honda Goldwing interstate?

I have 1980 Honda Goldwing Interstate with 55,000 on the odometer. I average 45-48 MPG. Jerry Smith Washington Court House, Ohio

What year did Honda first produce the 1100 engine for the goldwing?

1980 was the first new version of the Goldwing Interstate. It came with the 1100 engine. That lasted till 1983, then the "84's came out with the 1200, good till 1987, then the 1500's. The 1980 Interstate all dressed cost me just $ 5,000.00 here in Canada, those were the day's.

What weigh oil do you use for a 1980 Goldwing Interstate 1100?

10w40 will do just fine. I use Motul.

How much oil does a 1980 1100 goldwing require?

This bike takes about 3.7 quarts.

Will a starter from a 1979 goldwing fit a 1980 goldwing?

'79 is a 1000 cc , '80 is a 1100 cc. You would have to compare the both. Or check with the parts dealer.

How do you open the seat on 1980 Honda goldwing 1100?

Two blots one left side and one right side - one may be Allen key. Situated at passenger area of the seat. Paula

What weight of oil does a 1980 Honda goldwing use?

You can use any 10-40 W oil that is intended for motorcycles, made for wet clutch use.

How do i remove starter on 1980 1100 goldwing?

If this is still the same as up to 1986, then you have to remove the left side exhaust, left side crash bar, gear shift, and removable sub frame. Theres your starter. Good luck.

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