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Water should be put in the radiator ( distilled only ) with the proper ratio of coolant. I believe that Cadillac uses a special coolant so find this out. It takes a great deal of time to properly fill your system because you have to do it slowly to make sure there is no air in the system. Cadillac and thousands of cars just like it operate just fine without the use of distilled water. (The only reason some prefer distilled water is to help with the longevity of the calcium build up inside the radiator.) If you are flushing your radiator out every year or every other year, your car will love you just as much using straight water from your hose or kitchen sink.

To properly add water to your radiator:

1) Locate the radiator itself at the front of your vehicle's engine compartment. It's the big black thing with a cap. It often sits just behind the cars front decorative grill.

2) Check to see if the temperature of the car is cold or hot. If cold, simply open the cap. It won't burn you or gush water out on you. If the car is hot or has recently been running, simply wait until it's cooler in temperature (OR) get a thick towel, fold it into a few squares so it's pretty thick and simply open the cap. Use the towel so you don't get hot water splashed on you. It won't explode like a bomb. It may hiss a bit and spit hot water. Just use your head and be safe.

3) Once the cap is off, go start your car and leave it in Park with the emergency brake on for safety. Now, pour water in your radiator. I like using a clean gallon milk jug. It's ok if you spill some, your car won't die and you won't get shocked. However, be careful not to wear loose clothing or have your hair hanging down in your face. It can get caught in the spinning fan and pull you into the engine compartment. Simply stay back. If you want to add some anti-freeze, do so. Read the instructions on the bottle to see how much is enough.

NOTE: If you spill even the slightest amount of anti-freeze, CLEAN IT UP! Animals smell the sweet scent and it tastes sweet and they drink it. They will often die within minutes or hours after consuming it. Use a bowl or shop towel to catch drippings.

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Q: Where do you put water in a 1994 Cadillac Seville SLS?
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