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the connection for the hose is right on the compressor i have an 01 ls and i had to jack the car up and its on the compressor itself

the compressor is on the driver side of the car and you have to jack up the car if your ac is full and its not blowing cold air check your high pressure switch. follow the line from the compressor it should be in the front on top

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โˆ™ 2009-12-06 18:57:44
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Q: Where do you refill the ac on 2002 Lincoln LS?
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2002 Lincoln LS owners manual?

AC filter change required

Where do I refill the AC 2001 Lincoln Navigator?

You can refill the AC 2001 Lincoln navigator is located on the accumulator or receiver-drier.

Where is the ac filter from a Lincoln ls?

Check relay

How much is cost of Lincoln LS cabin ac filter?


What is the psi on an ac compressor for a 2001 Lincoln LS?

40 psi

Does this ac filter also have any control on the heat in a 2002 Lincoln ls v8?

If the filter is restricted, there won't be enough airflow to transmit any heat.

Where is freon added on a Lincoln ls show you pictures?

Down on AC compressor

Where do you refill the ac for my 05 Lincoln LS?

The low side service port is located on the suction hose coming off the rear of the a/c compressor and the high side is located on the discharge hose coming from the condenser.......

Where is the low pressure side ac port located on 2002 Lincoln navigator?

were is the low pressure side ac port located on 2002 lincoln navigator

Where is the low side ac port for a 2003 Lincoln LS V8?

you have to raise the car up. its underneath the ac compressor it shelf

Where is the low pressure side of the ac on 2003 lincoln ls?

It's located on the A/C compressor.

Whhere is the ac compressor on a 2001 Lincoln LS V8?

the a/c compressor on a 3.9 Lincoln LS is located under the engine next to the front left tire. i know i just replaced it.

How do you reset a ac filter message on a 2002 Lincoln ls?

Change the filter and hit the reset button on the information center which is located above the radio. If the above fails take it to a dealer and have them reset it.

Why does my 2000 Lincoln ls blow hot when ac is on?

one of 2 r-134a left in system or the ac compressor isn't working

Why is your 2003 Lincoln Navigator ac blowinghot on passenger side?

Can anyone tell us where the lines are to refill the freon in a navigator

Where do you charge the ac on the low side on a 2003 Lincoln LS V8?

port is next to the compressor under the car...

Locate recharge ac for a 2000 Lincoln ls?

the low end pressure servvice port on a 3.9 litre 2001 Lincoln ls is on the ac compresser wich is located on the lower drivers side of the motor. easiest access is to take the drivers side tire off under the a arm.

How do you reset ac after refill for Mercedes e430 2003?

How do you reset ac after refill for Mercedes e430 2000

Where is the cabin ac filter located in 1998 Lincoln LS V8?

2002 Lincoln LS is located under the hood, beneath a plastic cover near the firewall. The plastic pop-ins/outs need to be removed, then beneath the panel will expose the cabin filter. Pop it out, put new one in, replace the plastic pop-in screws.

Anyone know where the AC fuse for a Lincoln LS V8 2002 is?

on your 2002 Lincoln ls you have three fuse boxes. the one you want is in the engine compartment. the fuse box is on the left open the box and pull the first fuse on the top left hand side it will say 10A the fuse will be red. if you pull it and the metal in it is split then it is bad replace it. if not then something els is wrong. i have the same car good luck

Where do you refill the AC?

you dont

How do you reset the change AC filter message on a 2005 Lincoln LS?

Press the STATUS button on the dash, when it gets to AC filter press and hold the reset button.

Where is the ac filter in 2005 Lincoln LS?

Purchase a Purolator Cabin Filter, as it comes with detailed instructions on location and installation.

What is a ac filter for in a Lincoln LS?

Its called an AC cabin filter, it filters the air drawn in through your AC and Heater. Its located under the black plastic grill under the passenger side windshield wiper.

What if your Lincoln ls ac comes on and off the 134 - a is at the right level what could be some fixes?

check cooling fan