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Where do you refill the transfer case with Dextron III fluid on a 1999 Suburban LT?

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The fill plug is on th rear of the TC. Looks like an Allen wrench plug , but it uses a 1/4 inch ratcht drive. If it has any of the electric controls ( most likely it dose) DO NOT USE Dextron. You need to use dealer only purchase Auto-Trex fluid. $7.00 a quart for a complete exchange you will need 2 quarts. It will be a blue color fluid. The TC have plates in them ,like an auto Transmission, with paper thin coating that will be ruined if you use Dextron, making the TC worthless and nonfunctioning and void any warrenty.

2011-09-15 11:42:37
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What kind of transmission oil does a 1995 Chevy Suburban take?

Dextron II fluid.

What type of fluid goes in a 94' GMC Suburban 4x4 trans case?

Dextron tranny fluid

What type of fluid does the transfer case of a 06 Chevy silverado take?

That year requires--------DEXTRON VI fluid.

What fluid goes in a 1990 K5 CHEVY blazer transfer case?

Dextron II

1995 s10 4 x4 transfer case fluid?

Factory says- Dextron- II

What color is the transfer case fluidin a 2003 s10 zr2?

its a dextron fluid so its red

What oil to use in 1993 wrangler transfer case?

Dextron mercon 3 transmission fluid.

What kind of tranny fluid for a 03 grand am?


What oil do you use in a 1989 jeep wrangler transfer case?

Automatic transmission fluid, dextron +4

What type of transfer oil do you use in your 99 dodge 1500 4x4?

The transfer case uses ATF+4 or Dextron trans fluid.

What type transmission fluid in 1996 gmc 2500 4l80e?


What kind of oil does it take for a rear transfer case on a 1995 jeep?

Automatic transmission fluid, dextron 3

What kind of transmission fluid should you put in 94 buick lesabre?


What type of fluid is used in the Transfer case for a 1993 Jeep Wrangler 2.5L?

It uses automatic transmission fluid. If can be either Dextron or Mopar ATF.

What kind of fluid do i use to refill my transfer case on my 93 jeep wrangler?

automatic transmission fluid, ATF

What fluid is in a transfer case 93 suburban?


What kind of transmission fluid is needed for a 97 Chevy Suburban?

dextron 3 automatic transmission fluid. Now known as domestic multi vehicle transmission fliud. ( GM and licencing thing)

What kind of transmission fluid does a 95 Chevy silverado take?

Dextron IIIDextron III

What fluid goes in the transfer case of a 1995 4 wheel drive jeep grand cheroke?

ATF. Either Mopar or Dextron

What type of fluid goes in the transfer case of a 1997 jeep wrangler?

Mopar ATF+3 , ATF+4, or Dextron III

Where do you refill transmission fluid on a 1997 ford econoline van?

theres a fill on the transfer case

What fluid goes in transfer case for 1999 Chevy 2500?

Manual transfur case: DEXTRON-III automatic transmission fluidPush button transfur case: Is the same.

What power steering fluid do i use in a 1988 Chrysler lebaron?

You can use Dextron II or Dextron III automatic transmission fluid. You could go to an auto parts store and get a container of power steering fluid but all it is is a Dextron trans fluid in a dif container.

What type transmission fluid on jeep cherokee 1991 4.0 automatic 4x4?

Dextron 3Dextron 3

What type of transfer case fluid do you use in a 2000 jeep grand Cherokee?

ATF dextron III or equivalent..hope this helps...good luck... Mopar® Transfer Case Lubricant is the only lubricant recommended for the NV247 transfer case. Approximate fluid refill capacity is approximately 1.6 liters (3.4 pints) Recommended lubricant for the NV242 transfer case is Mopar® Dexron II, or ATF Plus, type 7176. Approximate lubricant fill capacity is 1.35 liters (2.85 pints)