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AnswerGetting a profession pre-purchase inspection is much more than just taking it to a trusted mechanic.

For all the information you need to select a qualified automotive technician to perform a pre-purchase inspection, please visit

This is a non-commercial site with valuable information showing the differences between automotive technicians, how to select a technician, what information you need from a pre-purchase inspection, and many myths and misconceptions buyers have when purchasing a used vehicle.

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Q: Where do you take a used car for inspection?
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Does a used car purchase from a Texas used car dealer have to pass smog inspection?

Yes that used car should pass smog inspection.

Can a dealer sell a used car without a state inspection sticker in Texas?


How do you Register your car in Guam?

You would have to get a safety inspection. After you can take it to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Do you need a Florida car inspection to get Florida license plate?

No. There is no Florida car inspection.

Is a safety inspection needed in Alberta to plate a car after buying it used?

No. A safety inspection is required to insure a car if it is 12 years or older. BUT... you need insurance on the car before you can register it. So you can insure the car first and get the pink cards then take the pink cards to the registry to get the plates. The insurance company will give you 30 days grace to get the safety done.

How do you defined certified used cars?

A certified used car is simply a car that has been placed through a rigorous inspection to show that it is fully capable of being used by a new owner. Usually this is a multi-point inspection that covers everything from brakes to the engine itself.

Do junk yards have to have a title to a car to take it?

Yes, that is how they can prove to the law that the car isn't stolen. ANSWER: They must provide legal papers of the car for inspection purposes.

What does the service stability light on dash board mean?

It means that you need to take your car to service inspection.

Will your car pass inspection if the low tire pressure light is on?

Will my car pass inspection with the tire light on

Can your car pass inspection with your airbag light on in pa?

In pa it will pass an inspection

Will your car pass Va inspection with the check engine light on?

Yes. Va will pass your car with a check engine light. The inspection station will try to get you to figure out what is wrong with you car but they will not fail it. However, If your SRS light is on, the car will fail the inspection.

Will a car pass inspection in Louisiana if the outside mirrors are missing?

Will a car pass inspection if your right side mirror missing

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