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This saying actually comes from New Zealand. They believe that they are at the top of the world not the bottom and hence say, "Top of the Morning." Over the years, it has been mistakenly assumed that this phrase originated in Ireland.

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  • It's just something people say, it's like good morning. top is the highest point, and can also mean best. like tiptop shape. so best of the morning...have a good morning
  • No one in Ireland will use this phrase in common parlance.
  • I'm Irish born and bred, and I can tell you that Irish people do not use this phrase. I once asked my Grandfather, (born in 1913) if he ever heard it used and his reply was that it was just something that Irish characters say in American movies.
  • If it is an expression that originated here in the U.S., so be it. It's a kind salutation that does no harm and somewhere along the line got associated with Irish Americans.
  • I was recently in Ireland and spoke with a number of Irish people who said they had never heard of this saying. I believe it came from a Hollywood movie and not from the Irish!
  • "Top o the morning to you" is the first part of an Irish greeting. The correct response to this greeting is "and the balance of the day to yourself". The origin of this is, as previously stated, "top is the highest point" so "best of the morning to you", response "and the balance of the day to yourself" meaning "thank you for wishing me a good morning, I now wish you a good afternoon".
  • While it is very likely that this expression is no longer in use in Ireland it is vain to think that because it is not now used it never was. The Oxford English dictionary lists the expression as an old one originating in Ireland not New Zealand as some have reported. The contraction of "of" to "o" is distinctly Irish and not from New Zealand so the use of this phrase in New Zealand is unlikely.
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Q: Where does 'top o the morning to you' come from?
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Where did the saying top of the morning come from?

It is an old Irish saying for "Good Morning," but it usually means the Top of The Morning is dawn. (The actual saying was Top o' the mornin'- an Irish accent.)To which you should reply... and the balance of the day to you!

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How do you respond to top of the morning to you in Ireland?

The common Irish greeting "Top o' the morning to you!" has the traditional response "And the rest of the day to ye'".

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Is it top of the mornin or top of the morning?

When spoken with an Irish accent, it generally sounds like Top o' ta Mornin ta ya. But the prase itself is top of the morning to you.

What is a reply to top o' the morning to you?

you should never say "top of the morning" to an Irish person! It's never ever used except as a joke!

What three words make o'clock?

Of the clock. Think about the quintessential 'Top o' the mornin' to you!' --> 'Top of the morning to you.'

Why is Top o the morning an insult?

Cause I can't find my tea bags

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Of the clock. Think about the quintessential 'Top o' the mornin' to you!' --> 'Top of the morning to you.'

What is the proper Irish response to Top 'o the morning?

Nobody in Ireland would ever say "Top o' the morning", so there is no response to it. The phrase may have even come from England, not Ireland and it is an ancient phrase now. It has become associated with Ireland through Hollywood stereotypes which have no connections whatsoever to the reality of Ireland. Outside of movies, you would never hear it in popular use, especially in Ireland.

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