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The user-friendly website "Campaign Issues 2008" offers short pieces of information about Barack Obama's stand on a variety of issues. Some of these snippets are accompanied by a short video on the same topic.

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Q: Where does Barack Obama stand on important political and social issues?
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What important document shows our country being divided over economic social and political issues?

declaration of Independence

What are Barack Obama believes?

His religious beliefs are that he is a moderate Christian. He believes in Jesus, and he is inspired by the social gospel-- the commandment to help the poor; but he is not a conservative nor an evangelical. As for his political beliefs, he is a centrist Democrat-- he leans left on social issues, and right on issues related to defense.

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What are Barack Obama's political views?

Most students of politics would say the president is a centrist Democrat. He leans liberal on social issues, and leans slightly conservative on matters of defense.

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The ethical, social and political issues that might arise through wiki include governance issues and religious issues. The moral issues might also arise though wiki.

What is Barack Obama's political background?

He has always been a member of the Democratic party. Objective analysis of his record as a politician shows that he is a centrist Democrat, leaning slightly right on issues such as defense, and slightly left on social issues such as gay rights.

Is President Obama a political moderate?

Barack Obama's political enemies have said he was the most liberal member of the senate, but facts (such as his voting record) do not support that statement. He was liberal on social issues but conservative on law-and-order issues. As president, most scholars and experts agree he has governed as a centrist Democrat.

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