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Jon Gosselin lives in the general area of the Gosselin home in Wernersville, Pennsylvania.

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Do Jon and Kate Gosselin live in a mansion?

No, they do not. Jon and Kate Gosselin no longer live together. They were divorced in 2009. Kate Gosselin and the children live in a big house, while Jon lives nearby in an apartment.

Why is Jon Gosselin not in the spotlight?

Jon Gosselin is no longer in the spotlight because he has chosen to live and work privately.

What state do Jon and Kate Gosselin live?

Jon and Kate Gosselin, and their children, live in Pennsylvania. Jon Gosselin has his own apartment in the area of the house so that he can be close to his children, and to make his custody days easier.

Do Jon and Kate Gosselin still live together?

No. Jon and Kate Gosselin no longer live together. See the related question about the custody arrangements.

Where do Jon and Kate Gosselin live in North Carolina?

Jon and Kate Gosselin live in central Pennsylvania. The Gosselins have visited North Carolina on vacation.

Does Jon Gosselin live in the apartment over the garage?

No. Jon does not live anywhere near the Gosselin house when it is not his turn to be with the children. When it's his turn to be there, then Jon is supposed to live in the house with the children and Kate's supposed to be away from the house.

What is Jon Gosselin religion?

Jon Gosselin is a Christian.

Is Jon Gosselin in jail?

Jon Gosselin is not in jail.

Will Jon Gosselin live in the Gosselin's old house?

No. The Gosselin home featured in the first few seasons of 'Jon and Kate Plus 8' was sold. Jon Gosselin moved on and has his own home with space for this children when he has custody.

Was Jon Gosselin adopted?

No, he is not adopted No, Jon Gosselin was not adopted.

Did Jon Gosselin commit suicide?

Jon Gosselin is alive.

Where will Jon Gosselin live?

Living arrangements for both Jon and Kate Gosselin are not yet finalized. According to rumors Jon has been checking out apartments both in New York City, and in the general area of the current Gosselin home.

What state did Jon and Kate Gosselin move to?

The Gosselin family live in Pennsylvania. They did not move to a different state.

Where do Jon and Kate Gosselin's children live?

The Gosselin children live in central Pennsylvania.

Does Jon Gosselin have an apartment?

Yes, in close to where his children live in Pennsylvania.

Where was Jon Gosselin raised?

Jon Gosselin grew up in Wysomming, Pennsylvania.

When was Jon Gosselin born?

Jon Gosselin was born on April 1, 1977.

Did Jon gosselin worked in a restaurant?

Jon Gosselin never worked in a restraunt.

Is Jon Gosselin dead?

No. Jon Gosselin lives in Pennsylvania near his children.

Does Jon Gosselin use his mother's last name?

No. Jon Gosselin uses his father's last name: Gosselin.

Where does single Kate Gosselin live?

Kate Gosselin lives in the large family home that was purchased prior to her divorce from Jon Gosselin in Wernersville, Pennsylvania.

Is Jon gosselin friends with lohan?

He is friends with Micheal Lohan from what I know.

Where was Jon Gosselin born?

Jon Gosselin was born in Hershey Hospital in Hershey Pennsylvania.

What state did Jon Gosselin grow up in?

Jon Gosselin grew up in Pennsylvania.

How did Jon and Kate Gosselin meet?

Jon and Kate Gosselin met at a company picnic.

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