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Q: Where does Jon Gosselins mom live?
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Where are Jon Gosselins parents from?

His mom is from Hawaii (but is of Korean descent). Not sure where his dad is from, but he is of Scotch Welsh heritage. See related questions for information about Jon Gosselins ethnic heritage.

What state does the family from 'Jon and Kate Plus 8' live in?

The Gosselins live in Pennsylvania.

Who does the Gosselins live with in 'Jon and Kate Plus 8'?

both, sometimes Kate will stay with them in their house and sometimes Jon will

What is Jon gosselins whole name?

Jon Gosselins full name is Jonathan Keith Gosselin.

Does the Gosselins have any friends or family in Oklahoma?

The bulk of Jon and Kate Gosselins family and friends live in the Pennsylvania and mid-Atlantic states. Jon and Kates siblings all live in the Pennsylvania area. But, all of the Gosselins have traveled a lot for their jobs... they might have made friends that live in Oklahoma. ... but that is private information.

Where do Jon and Kate Gosselin live in North Carolina?

Jon and Kate Gosselin live in central Pennsylvania. The Gosselins have visited North Carolina on vacation.

Does Jon Gosselins mother live in US?

Yes, Jon Gosselin's mother lives in the United States. She lives in another part of Pennsylvania.

Are Jon Gosselin's mother and father actively involved in the families activities?

No. Jon Gosselins father is deceased, and his mother is remarried and does not live close by.

In Jon and Kate Plus 8 is Jon still with gosselins in there new house?

He did sleep in the garage before the divorse.Now,when Jon has the kids,he stays in the house. When Kate has the kids,she stays in the house.When Jon doesn't have the kids...I think he lives with his mom

What is Jon and Kate Gosselins MySpace?

If Jon and Kate Gosselin have a myspace page, it is not public. All other pages claiming to be the Gosselins have been exposed as fraudulent.

What is Jon Gosselins hometown?

Wyomissing, Pennsylvania

In Jon and Kate Plus 8 what is the gosselins favorite food?

When Jon cooks Korean food.

Are the gosselins getting devorced?

The Gosselins have come to an agreement to separate. So, yes they are getting divorced. They couple says that they don't want their kids to see them fight and "very swiftly they turned into two different people." Jon and Kate's show Jon and Kate plus 8 will go on, however. It may just be Jon or Kate plus 8! Jon and Kate's kids will continue to live in their Wernersville mansion while Kate and Jon rotate living there.

Where are Jon Gosselin's mom and grandparents?

Jon's mother and grandmother live in the Central Pennsylvania area.

What township to Jon and Kate Gosselin live in?

Any information regarding the location of the home of the Gosselins is a violation of their privacy as well as the Terms of Service of

Who paid for the gosselins house?

Kate and Jon did but, from the money they had from having their own show; Jon and Kate Plus 8

Who is taking care of the gosselins Jon or kate?

Both Of them, They share Custody

What are the release dates for Jon and Kate Plus 8 - 2007 Gosselins Goblins and Ghouls?

Jon and Kate Plus 8 - 2007 Gosselins Goblins and Ghouls was released on: USA: 27 September 2010

What breed of dog did Jon and Kate Gosselin get?

The Gosselins' dogs are German shepherds.

Does Miley Cyrus like the gosselins?

No, she thinks that they are to dramatic but she finds Jon attractive..

Was Jon Gosselins dad a dentist?

Yes he was I think he mostly worked with kids.

In Jon and Kate Plus 8 who are the 8 gosselins with?

The 8 Gosselins are Jon and Kates Children Cara Nicole Madelyn Kate Alexis Faith Hannah Joy Aaden Jonathan Collin Thomas Leah Hope Joel Kevin

Why weren't Jon and Kate Gosselins parents at their vow renewal in Hawaii?

Well I can only answer for Jon's dad, he was not there because he's dead.

What country was Jon Gosselin's father from?

Jon Gosselins father was from the United States. See related questions for information about his ethnic heritage.

Does Jon gosselins mother work at pebbles in huntingdon pa?

Jon and Kate rarely talk about the grandparents. During the View FAQ episode of season 4 they explained that Jon's father is deceased, and his mother does not live nearby. According to Kate her parents "did not know how to help us" - and while they live in the same general area, they choose not to be on camera.