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The hall of open records

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Q: Where does Jonas learn he can find the name of his parents' parents?
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What are Jonas brother parent name?

Their parents name is Kevin and Denise Jonas.

What is the Jonas brother's parents name?

Kevin Jonas SR and Denise Jonas.

Joe Jonas' parents name?

Kevin Jonas (Sr.) and Denise Jonas

What are the names of the Jonas Brothers parents?

Their Mom's Name Is: Denise Jonas Their Dad'd Name Is: Kevin Jonas Sr.

What Joseph Jonas's real name?


What are Jonas salk parents name?

Dora and Daniel Salk

Where you come from you say joe. What the name and Who made this?

The name is Joe Jonas, and his parents named him that. Well, actually, the name is Joseph Jonas- Joe is his nickname.

What did Jonas' parents say about the word love?

Jonas was the name of a fictional character that was in The Giver book series. In the book, Jonas asked his parents about love and they told him that it was just a silly and meaningless word.

Why nicks name is nick Jerry Jonas and not nick Adam Jonas?

his parents named him that === === === === === === I Adore them all Obviously It's what his parents named him. Kevin's name is Paul Kevin Jonas II. His dad and him both go by Kevin. Otherwise they are all right.

What were Marco polo's parents name's?

Miley Cyrus nick jerry Jonas

How did Jonas Brothers get their name?

Their parents named them as is usually the case. As the parents were called Jonas it seemed logical to call the children Jonas also. They were brought up together and their parents informed them they were brothers as they all had the same parents. The brothers had no reason to disbelieve this so assumed they were, in fact, brothers. When they discovered they had a talent for 'music' they spent a great deal of time thinking of an original name for the band they formed together. After much discussion and debate the settled on the Jonas Brothers as the name of the band.

What was the name of the Jonas Brothers Parents band name?

No one knows. I hope I helped. Your friend, Amy!

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