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Where does Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez live?


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the true is that Selena didn't love Justin that much as him but for long time there was togetter but NOW are not together. BUT Justin still love her.

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NO! they went out, but Selena doesnt live with Justin bieber.

selena is preagnet. she said it live.

No, Selena lives with her mother and her stepfather. (2013)No

Ummm....selena Gomez I guess and Justin bieber

Well, Justin Bieber is always traveling...And so is Selena Gomez..... So I'm sure they visit each other some times on their free time...

he lives next to me and selena gomez is my friend..we always hang out.....jk

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No! Justin Bieber lives in North America in LA. He just went to South America with Selena Gomez on a vacation.

Selena Gomez currently lives in the Studio City area of Los Angeles. Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have begin seeing each other again.

she will get married to justin bieber or she will live a normal life like everyone

Selena Gomez Live in Justin Bieber's House

Justin had been cheating on her and Selena didn't want to live with it. Selena is also vegiterian and Justin didn't like it. now Justin lives on his own in a flat in la

A person like Justin Bieber would like to live next to Selena Gomez but no one knows where he really lives but that is a good question you should ask him personally.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez dating in march 2011 but some people thinks that they are not because she is 18 and he is 16 and they both live in California and they are not allowed to date because of their age difference but Justin says that they have been dating

his baby moma is selena gomez how do i know i live next door to justin and selena gomez is my sisters babysitter

Selena Gomez is the actress who is trying to live a normal celebrity life as possible. Aside from being the girlfriend of the Bieber.

Selena Gomez does live in a mansion

yes. Justin bieber,selena gomez,miley cirus,the Jonas brothers,charlie sheen,cheer leaders,hanaha montana,robert Patterson and me

Selena Gomez she not have hotmail

No becuz they brOke up at least that's what I've been hearing from everyone and if I were her I wouldn't want him making out with a girl in his mistletoe music video

Yes more so with Justin she does not let fame go to her head

Justin Bieber live in Georgia

Selena gomez is from texas praire

No Selena Gomez lives in California which is where most Disney stars live.

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