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The Maltese comes from Malta, an island halfway between the coasts of Sicily and North Africa and was developed in Italy.

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Where did the Maltese come from?

the Maltese originated in Malta

Where did the Maltese dog come from?


Which country did the Maltese come from?

in mexico

How many colors do Maltese terrier come in?

only one--white, unless it is a mixed Maltese like a morkie (Maltese&yorkie)--then it will be mostly brown--mixed Maltese can pretty much be any color, but pure breads are only white.

What colours do Maltese puppies come in?

only white, unless their mixed like a maltapoo or a morkie etc. , nomatter what though a Maltese is white.

What country did Britney Spears' family come from?

she is English and Maltese.

Can Maltese dogs survive outside in a doghouse?

Why of course they can i have two Maltese Lilly and Little man they always are outside in their doghouse but they do haveto come in sometimes!! Hope i helped :)

How do you say 'i am maltese' in Maltese?

Iam/I am Malti = I am Maltese.

Do Maltese get bigger?

do Maltese get bigger

How are you in Maltese?

How are you in Maltese is 'kif int?'

How do you say Maltese in Maltese?


Which is smaller a teacup Maltese or a toy Maltese?

A Maltese is a toy dog (a toy Maltese is the same as saying a normal Maltese--which should weigh 5-8 lbs.), so a teacup Maltese is smaller than a toy Maltese. A teacup should weigh about 3.5-4.5 lbs.

What is the Maltese star?

i think a Maltese star is a celeberty Maltese or a celeberty dog or it can be a star in the sky shaped like a Maltese dog or a dog.

Is Britney Spears half Maltese?

No she just had a Maltese family member but that doesn't make her Maltese

What is the Maltese word for sit?

In Maltese to say sit you say: poġġi ,infact I am a Maltese person.

How do you say grandmother in Maltese?

Well I am Maltese and I always called my grandmother Nana because that is how you say it in Maltese !

What are Maltese used for?

What are Maltese used for? Maltese Dogs are tiny (7 pounds or under) companion dogs.

What do Maltese like to do?

maltese dogs and puppys sleep

How long do Maltese live?

How long do maltese live?

What is yes in Maltese?

'Iva' means yes in Maltese

Is the Maltese cross satanic?

The Maltese cross is not satanic.

What is the differnece between a Maltese and a maltipoo?

A Maltese is a purebred. A Maltipoo is a cross between a Maltese and poodle.. Hope that helps...=)

Where does the Maltese puppy come from?

copy this url http:/ it says where it originated..hope i helped!

Where did the Maltese came from?

Maltese came from Central Mediterranean Area.

What colour is the Maltese Falcon?

The Maltese falcon is a black statue.