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In Baltimore, Maryland

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Where is Michael Phelps right now?

North Baltimore Aquatic club

How much will Michael Phelps make?

Currently right now, he is making millions.

When did Michael Phelps graduate?

he is in college right now at the University of Michigan. he hasn't graduated from there yet

What is Michael Phelps doing now?

Now.... Book signing in LA

Who is the most famous sports figures now?

Michael phelps

Every thing a bout Michael Phelps?

i dont now

Where does Michael j fox live now?

Michael J. Fox lives in new york right now

What kind of problems did Michael Phelps face to get to where he is now?

drugs and DUI's

Did Michael Phelps have any obstacles before entering the Olympics?

Michael Phelps had ADHD ( Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ) as a child and he struggled but worked hard for where he is now.

Are Michael Phelps and Carrie Underwood dating?

No. She is now married to Mike Fisher.

Where does the Jackson three live right now?

Michael jacksons"s kids live with his mother right now till they get the results about who keeps the kids that should be in the news pretty soon.

Why did ian thorpe retire in 2006?

I think its because he realized Michael phelps will now destroy him.

How old is Michael Phelps now?

As of 2012, he is 27 years old (born June 30, 1985).

What does Michael Phelps do now?

He still breaks records as a swimmer, as he recently broke a record, he swims still.

How many Olympics did Michael Phelps participate?

Michael Phelps is currently in his 4th Olympics. He started when he was 15 at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Australia, then he went to Athens, Greece in 2004, Beijing in 2008, and now London, England in 2012.

How old is Michael Michael Jordan right now?


Why is Michael Phelps famous in swimming?

Why is Michael Phelps famous?!?! Where were you during the 2008 Summer Olympics?!?! He is the most decorated Olympian because he won 8 gold medals and broke 7 world records in Beijing. He now has about 16 career medals.

How many medals does Michael Phelps need to beat the world record?

He needs to win eight gold medals. The previous record is seven gold medals set by Mark Spitz, also on team USA. Right now Phelps has a record of 11 olympic gold medals.

Does Athena live right now?

athena does not live right now. she died in 0001

Where does Michael phleps live now?


Did Michael Phelps do something bad?

Yes he smoked Marijuana at a party after the olympics, but he apologised to Bejing and I think everything is ok now

Where does Michael Ballack live now?

=he now lives in calais, france=

Where does Michael Jordan live now?

Michael Jordan lives in Charlotte, NC.

What is the name of the Michael Sterling album?

Right Now

How old is Michael buble right now?