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Where does Roberto Luongo live?

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Roberto Luongo Lives In Vancouver,BC during hockey season. Roberto and his wife Gina live in Florida during the off-season. He also goes to Montreal during some points of the off-season

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Where does Roberto luongo live in Vancouver?

Luongo doesn't live in Vancouver, he lives close to Vancouver in Yaletown

When was Roberto Luongo born?

Roberto Luongo was born on April 4, 1979.

Who is Roberto Luongo?

Roberto Luongo is a professional goaltender for the NHL's Vancouver Canucks.

What NHL team does Roberto Luongo play for?

Roberto Luongo plays for the Florida Panthers.

What position does Roberto Luongo play?

Roberto Luongo plays goalie for the Florida Panthers.

Does Roberto Luongo shoot right or left?

NHL player Roberto Luongo shoots left.

Where was Roberto luongo born?

Roberto Luongo was born on April 4 1979 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

How old is Roberto Luongo?

Roberto Luongo is 38 years old (birthdate April 4, 1979).

What does roberta luongo drive?

Roberto Luongo drives a Rolls Royce

When did Roberto Luongo become a Vancouver Canuck?

The Canucks got Roberto Luongo in the 2006 season from the Florida Panthers for a first round pick.

Where is Roberto luongo from?

Montreal Quebec Canada

What school did Roberto Luongo attend?

Roberto Luongo attended École secondaire Antoine-de-Saint-Exupéry in the Montreal borough of Saint-Léonard.

Where in Vancouver does Roberto Luongo live?

He actually lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida (only playing for Vancouver).

What is Roberto Luongo's birthday?

Roberto Luongo was born on April 4, 1979.

What is Roberto luongo's wife's name?

Roberto Luongo's wife is Cheyyan Luongo

What does Roberto luongo like to do?

He LOVES to play hockey!

Can Roberto luongo make a great save?

yes Roberto can make super saves :D!

Does Roberto Luongo have any children?

Yes, Roberto and his wife, Gina, have one daughter, Gabriella.

What is Roberto Luongo's number on the Florida Panthers?

Roberto Luongo is number 1 on the Florida Panthers.

How many shutouts does Roberto Luongo have?

he has 50 shutouts in his carrier

Who is better Roberto Luongo or Martan Brouder in goaltending?

Martin Brouder is good but not good enough So I go with Roberto Luongo martin brouder didn't do well in the winter Olympics

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