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Where does Saruman die in Lord of the Rings book?


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September 16, 2012 11:21PM

In the book as in the film Saruman has his rod broken by Gandalf. Unlike the film he is ordered to leave the Tower of Orthanc and live the life of a disgraced but normal, mortal man.

While the Fellowship go south to confront Sauron, Saruman travels north to the Shire accompanied by Grima Wormtongue to get his revenge on the hobbits. He is unknown to the other hobbits who call him "Sharkey". In the Shire he then enchants (he has not lost all his powers) many of the hobbits to serve him and endeavours to cause as much damage to the Shire as he can.

When the victorious Frodo et al return from Gondor after the coronation of Aragorn they confront him. During the confrontation he is killed by Wormtongue, who knifes him in the back. He dissolves in front of the hobbits in to ragged bones and mist (very much like how the Witch King dies in the film) and his spirit returns West to the Undying Lands.

His spirit tries to return to the west, but is disbursed into nothing by a wind from the west. At the end the failed Maia that was Saruman is rejected also by the Valar.