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Where does Urine come out?

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The ureter from the kidney to the bladder, then the urethra from the bladder to the exit.

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Is it possible for anything to come out with your urine?

Sometimes sperm may come out with urine

Why does urine come out of the rectum?

Urine should not come out of the rectum. If yours does, see a doctor.

What can make a clean urine come up positive for suboxone?

What can make suboxone come up in your urine

Where does urine come out of a woman at?

Urine is expelled through the urethra from the bladder.

Why wouldn't a pregnancy show in urine?

Urine doesn't come from the vagina.

Is shivering a type of homeostasis?

i have blood in urine after i finesh urine then come boold

Where does urine come out of?

It comes out of the urethra.

Why is urine acidic?

its acidic because all the waste (urine) needs to come out of the bladder

Does warts come from human or animals urine?

Urine is normally sterile. Warts come from viral infections. HPV is a common wart producer.

Where does urine come out in a female?

It comes out of the urethra.

Can sperm cell and urine comes out together and mixing?

no it wont come at a time.... when we are ready to release our urine...... then our sperm will come ourt very quickly

Does semen come out in your pee or poop?

After sex, some semen may come out with your urine (or your faeces, if you happened to engage in certain acts). Small amounts may also come out with the urine anyway.

Where does urine come out from?

dont know that also the urine comes from in telugu gudda in english back seat

Is urine pathogenic?

Urine is fairly sterile. Any germs come from being on the skin from wiping the anus.

Can you urinate after insemination?

Yes. Urine does not come out of the vagina

Does pee come from your lung?

Urine comes out of the bladder.

Why does your urine come out in two streams?

it shouldn't, get it checked out

Were does womens pee come from?

Urine is produced by the kidneys.

How come the urine of your pet rat smells?

All urine has a smell to it, including a persons pet rats. The smell of urine, including rat urine, is dependent on the diet. If urine smells excessively strange, then it is wise to consult a professional.

What does Klonopin come up in a urine test?

Clonazepam (Klonopins) come up as Benzodiazepines.......

What does it mean when a female urine is clear but her period has come on early?

There's no relation to urine and menstruation.A females urine is supposed to be clear, and periods can start early.

What is the tube where both sperm and urine come out called?

The urethra is responsible for ejaculating sperm and expelling urine in men.

Is urine solid liquid or gas?

Urine is a liquid but it can also come out as a gas. It all depends on your body's temperature.

Do cows pee milk or urine?

Cows pee urine. Milk comes only from the udder.no. the urine comes out from the back where their stools also come out, so no, it isn't -_-

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