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Q: Where does a Flemish person come from?
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From which language does afrikaans come?

Dutch and Flemish

How do you say We come from America in Flemish?

'Wij komen uit de Verenigde Staten van Amerika'Just use google translate or a dictionary, Flemish = Dutch.

How do you say Flemish in Flemish?


What is a Flemish dormer?

A Flemish dormer is a type of window.

How do you say red in Flemish?

Red = Rood in Flemish

How do you say three in Flemish?

"Drie" is "three" in Flemish.

What does it mean that something is Flemish?

Flemish is the adjective of Flanders, the dutch speaking part of Belgium. ( 60% of the Belgians are Flemish )

What is the population of Flemish Brabant?

The population of Flemish Brabant is 20,001.

What is the population of Flemish Region?

The population of Flemish Region is 02,000.

When was Flemish Region created?

Flemish Region was created in 1993.

When was Flemish Eye created?

Flemish Eye was created in 2003.

When was Flemish Community created?

Flemish Community was created in 1980.

What is the difference between single and double Flemish bond?

single flemish gives look of flemish bond from front anf of english bond from back side of wall and in double flemish bond it gives looks of flemish bond from both side

What is a Flemish giant?

Flemish giants are rabbits that weigh from 15 to 20lbs.

What is the language in Bruges Belgium?

They speak Flemish there; Flemish is a variation of Dutch.

What type of animal is a Flemish Giant?

A Flemish Giant is a breed of rabbit.

How are flemish and walloon different?

Flemish and Waloon are two totally different people who just live in the same country, they have an different history, culture, language etc... A Flemish is not a Walloon and a Walloon is not a Flemish

What has the author Antoine Seilern written?

Antoine Seilern has written: 'Flemish paintings and drawings at 56 Princes Gate, London, SW7' -- subject(s): Drawing, Drawing, Flemish, Flemish Drawing, Flemish Painting, Painting, Painting, Flemish, Private collections

Who are the flemish and walloons?

The flemish are the people who speak flemish. The live in the north of Belgium. Flemish is a dialect from Dutch. Most of it is the same but pronounced a bit different. The walloons live in the south of Belgium and they speak french.

Where do flemish giants live?

Flemish Giants live mostly in New Zealand

How many people in Belgium are Flemish?

6000260 or 58% of the people in Belgium are Flemish

Do the Walloons speak Flemish?

No, the Walloons speak French. The Flemish speak Dutch.

When was Order of Flemish Militants created?

Order of Flemish Militants was created in 1950.

When was New Flemish Alliance created?

New Flemish Alliance was created in 2001.

When was Flemish National Union created?

Flemish National Union was created in 1933.