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The tail of a comet points away from the Sun.

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Why does a comets tail point away from the sun?

solar winds

Which way do comets tail point?

It points away from the Sun

Why do the tails of comets point away from the Sun?

A comets tail is pushes away from the sun by solar winds .This also means that the tail can be in front or behind the comet

What is the point of origin for Halley comet?

it is the time when the tail is facing the north of the other comets like this <halleys tail is north of the other comets when they go > this way

Witch way does a comets tail point?

in the opposite direction that the comet is heading

Do the tails of comets point toward the moon?

Only by accident. A comet's tail will point away from the sun.

Do comets or asteroids have a gas tail?


What direction do comets tails point?

The tail of a comet points AWAY from the Sun regardless of the direction of the comets motion because of solar wind

What direction does a comets tail always point?

Away from the Sun. The tails is caused by the solar wind.

Which way does a comets tail point?

It points away from the Sun - no matter in what direction the comet is moving.

What shapes the comets tail into a shimmering tail?

a ion tail or a dust tail

Why does a comets tail always points away from the sun?

Does it? 2nd Answer: Of course comets tails point away from the Sun!!! The "tail" is made of varying sizes of ice particles and chunks. The solar wind (a faint outstreaming of solar material) pushes comets' tails out, away from the sun.

Do comets have 2 tails?

no, comets only have one tail

Why does a comet tail point away from the sun even when the comet is receding from it?

the solar wind is blowing on the comets gasses

What three things are comets made of?

Comets are made of mainly 3 parts -dust tail, ion tail and coma

What celestial body has a tail?


This has a tail when it is near to the sun?


Comets tail always point toward the sun?

No. Comets tails always point away from the sun. I believe the are a result of the heat and solar winds projected out from the sun which strip material off from the comet as it travels through space.

Do comets have a tail?

Yes, the tail is the debris from the comet left behind

What did the tail of comet points?

A Comets tail points away from the sun.

Does solar flares give comets their tail?

No, comets have tails due to solar radiation subliming ices and other volatile substances into a temporary atmosphere that is tail shaped due to the comets velocity.

Why do comets tails point in different directions?

A comet is comprised mostly of ice. The tail of the comet is caused by cosmic winds, from our sun, blasting particles off the comet's surface, the tail does NOT point in the opposite direction of travel, as one might expect, but points directly away from the source of the solar winds. That's why a comets tail, (from our perspective) may be traveling in a certain direction but have it's tail pointing in the SAME direction.

What do we see comets as?

From the earth we see comets as shooting stars, because theres a tail to it.

How long is a comets tail?

really long

What is a comets tail hardly made of?


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