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A developing baby gets its oxygen from the blood traveling through the umbilical cord.

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What supplies food and oxygen for the developing embryo?

The developing embryo is supplied with food and oxygen by the placenta. As the embryo develops into a fetus it then recieves food and oxygen from the umbilical cord.

How does the baby get food and oxygen in the uterus?

The baby is attached to a umbilical cord that gives the baby food and oxygen.

Do the umbilical cord only provides oxygen from the mother to the developing baby?

they do

Where does a baby get its food from in the mothers womb?

The developing baby (the fetus) gets its nutrition and oxygen from the mother through the umbilical chord; this chord is connected to the baby in the place of the belly button, where the nutrition enters the baby's intestines so that it is absorbed into their blood. The other end is attached to the placenta; it transfers all the nutrition and oxygen the baby needs from the mother.

What provides food and oxygen for a developing embryo?

The Placenta uses a the process of diffusion to diffuse the nutrients from the mothers blood into the babies. Then the umbilical cord carries the nutrients to the baby to the Placenta. Answer is Placenta

How does the developing baby obtains food and oxygen during pregnancy?

Baby gets food and oxygen through the umbilical cord. This umbilical cord is attached to the placenta. This placenta is attached to the uterus. In the placenta blood of the mother comes close to the blood of the fetus. There is transfer of food and oxygen to the blood of fetus from the blood of mother. Carbon bi oxide and waste products of metabolism are transferred to the blood of mother from the blood of fetus.

How does a baby get food and oxygen from the mother when its in her womb?

The placenta pulls the oxygen and nutrients from the Mothers' blood , and delivers it to the baby via the umbilical cord .

What does the umbillicle cord do?

The umbilical cord connects the baby to the placenta which attached to the mothers utuers. It provides oxygen, blood and nutrients to the developing baby via the mother.

The placenta refers to?

e placenta refers to the organ that permits food and oxygen to reach the developing organism.

What does a fetus need?

A growing foetus needs the cord because it gives the food and oxygen from the mother into the babyThe cord feeds the baby and gives the baby oxygen.All foetus's need a cord !

How does the baby get food and oxygen?

After it is born, it get oxygen from the air and food from its mother's milk. Before it is born it get both form its mother though the placenta and umbilical cord.

What is the disc in a ladies womb called which provides the baby with food and oxygen?

The placenta.

The tube that carries food and oxygen from mother to baby is the cord?

Umbilical cord.

What is the tube that gives the baby oxygen and food in the mothers womb?

the umbilical cord

In what female organ does a developing baby grow?

The female organ that a developing baby grows in is the uterus.

What tube carriers blood oxygen and nutrients from the placenta to the developing child?

The umbilical cord. The cord attaches to the baby at the "umbilicus", or "belly button".

How does the baby eat while in the womb?

Well, the baby is connect to the mom's umbilical cord(sorry 4 the spelling). That cord send oxygen, and food to the baby.

What does carbon dioxide do to a unborn baby?

It starves the developing embryo of oxygen - leading to such things as birth defects or behavioural development once the child is born.

What do baby seals rely on?

the usual stuff, oxygen, food, water, not being clubbed to death.

How does a baby get oxygen from its mother while it is inside the mother's uterus?

A baby gets oxygen from the it mother from theplacenta also food goes through to the baby and the waste products eg. (carbon doxide) gets passed from the baby to the mother and is mixed in with the mothers waste products.

Where does a developing baby grow?

In the Fetus

What is a developing baby called?


What organ provides food and oxygen for a developing embryo?

The developing embryo is nourished by the yolk sack until implantation. Upon implantation the placenta begins to develop, the placenta acts as the fetal lung , it transports oxygen to the fetus and carbon dioxide away from the fetus via the umbilical cord. The placenta also provides stored carbs for the developing fetus.

Temperetury oxygen food?

Oxygen is not a food.

Where does the developing baby grow inside the woman' body?

The developing baby grows in an organ called the uterus which has another name of womb.

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