Where does a nun live?

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April 14, 2012 5:14PM

Nuns live in monasteries. Sisters live in convents. Nuns usually spend their entire lives in the monastery where they work and pray. Sisters live in a convent but perform most of their work outside the convent - schools, hospitals, etc.

Convent when they ARE nuns, abbey when they are STUDYING to be nuns.

Roman Catholic Answer

Actually, nuns, strictly speaking are monastic women in solemn vows. They live in a monastery. A convent can refer to any building or buildings where religious women live; or in past times, friars. Now it would mostly refer to communities of sisters as opposed to nuns. Abbey refers to a canonically erected monastery with a minimum number of religious.


Nuns originally lived in convents or monasteries and many continue to do so today. Others have become more secular in recent years and may live in shared homes or apartments.