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for monocots they are stored in the cotyledons while for dicots they are stored in the endosperm.

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Q: Where does a seed store its food?
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Where does a leguminous seed store food?

the pod

What type of food is present in the food store of a seed?

the answer is flower

Where is does the monocot seed store its food?

it stores food in the endosperm

What plants store food in their seed?

All seed producing plants store their food in seeds to nourish their embryo at the time of storage and germination

Does a seed store food?

Yes, plenty of food is stored inside seed either in the cotyledones or in the endosperm. This food is utilized by the seedling during seed germination.

Where does plant store food for baby plant?


Why does a seed needs a food store?

Because it wont grow without its food and the food store is where it gets its food

What plants Store their food in seeds?

All seed plants store food within the seed; this takes the form of the cotyledons which are there to provide nutrition to the embryo while it is dormant and then while the seed is germinating and before it is able to produce its own food

Where do plants store their extra food?

Plants store extra food in the central vacuole

Is flax seed from a feed and seed store the same as from a health food store?

Yes because a health different is a seed but flax is same thing so just it easier to find out. You can buy flax and seeds for a store in turkey .

Are the plants food store in a plants seed?

No it is in the stems like the suger cane or the suger beet store suger in them.

Do mature seeds of monocots or dicots store most of their food in cotyledons?

A monocot stores its food supply in the endosperm of the seed. Dicots store the bulk of their food in the two cotyledons.

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