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A virus replicates itself inside a cell. It uses the chemicals present in the cell as the raw material for its own reproduction.

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Q: Where does a virus replicate itself?
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What is a virus that repeats itself?

Virus cannot replicate it self. It should enter into a host

How does a virus replicate itself?

a virus is able to replicate itself bu taking over the metabolic activities of the cell it infects essentially saying stop what you are suppose to do and make copies of me. so the virus actually doesn't replicate itself but rather the cell in which it infects does it for it. this occurs during the lytic phase of the virus. sometimes the virus "hides" by incorporating itself within the dna of the cell it infects(causing certain cancers) until it is releases itself and says make me. this dormant phase is called lysogenic.

What is the primary difference between a virus and a worm?

A worm can replicate itself and does not need a host for distribution

What does virus mean in computer language?

A computer program that is designed to replicate itself by copying itself into the other programs stored in a computer.

What is a multiparatite computer virus?

a computer program taht replicate itself & infect copmuter for distructive purpose

How is a virus is able to reproduce and cause disease in a host?

Viruses attach themselves to and then replicate inside of a cell in order to replicate itself. DNA viruses replicate in a cell's nucleus while RNA viruses generally replicate in the cell's cytoplasm.

What does a virus replicate?

your cell

Do virus replicate?


Does Ebola virus replicate?

Yes. Like all viruses, it goes inside a host cell and replicates itself.

Does HIV attach itself to t cells?

Yes. HIV attaches to the cells, then uses them to replicate copies of the virus.

Which type of security threat has the ability to alter oter programs must be executed to function and is able to replicate itself?

A virus.

What does the inner core of a virus do?


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