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Wild yaks live in the Tibetian plateau in Tibet and in the Himalayan mountain region of Central Asia. Yaks are similar to oxen, but they are not domesticated animals.

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Where does a wild yak live today?

the grasslands

What type of habitat did wild yak live in?

Polar region

Where do yak lives on a farm?

yak do not live in farms the live out in the wild because once there done hybronating they live in the tiaga and once they live in the tiaga the will start to loose fur in the summer becuse it is to hot

Are there yak's in Asia?

The yak is found in some parts of Asia. There are two types of yak, the domestic and wild yak. The wild yak is much bigger than the domestic yak. The yak is a cold climate animal and travels in snow.

What is a wild yak?

# A wild yak is like a bull and a cow mixed but is stronger than both

How long does an yak live?

more than 20 years in captivity, less in the wild

How old can a yak be?

They may live up to 20 years in the wild, more in captivity

What kind of wild cattle with shaggy costs and upturned horns live in the mountains of Tibet?

a yak

Are there different species of yak?

The wild yak and the domesticated yak wich is smaller in size plus there is a hybrid of yak mix with cattle.

Is the wild yak a consumer?

If you mean by consumer, what the Yak eats, then grasses, lichens, mosses

Is a cow heavier than a yak?

The large cattle breeds are almost the same size of a domesticated yak. The wild yak is bigger.

What is a wild ox native to Tibet?

The yak.

Is a wild yak endangered?

They are known to be vulnerable

Why wild yak is an endangered animal?

no it is not endangered

Who is yak a domestic or wild animal?

Generally Wild. They can be domestic, if reared for milk.

What are the release dates for The Wild Yak Patrol - 2008 TV?

The Wild Yak Patrol - 2008 TV was released on: USA: 1 January 2008

Is a yak a hairy ape?

No. Yaks are wild cattle.

What wild animal name starts with Y?


Is a yak a social?

Yaks are social animals, domestic Yaks form larger populations than the wild Yak

What is the dwelling place of a yak?

yaks live mostly in yak housing projects

Is yak an endangered animal?

Wild Yaks are classed as vunerable

Mountain range that is home to the wild yak?

The Himalayan mountains.

Is yak wild or domestic?

both, but there are more domestic ones

Is yak a domestic or a wild animal?

Generally wild. They could be domestic, when reared as cattle for milk.

Does a yak live in the Arctic?

No. They live in parts of Asia.

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