The Crucible (play)

Where does act 3 take place in The Crucible by Arthur Miller?


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Act three mainly takes place in the court house.

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I think around 1690's I thionk but I'm not quite sure.

The Crucible is a fictional story about the Salem Witch Panic. Just don't take any facts from the Crucible and believe them, its fiction after all.

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Elizabeths finds out that Abigail is going to try and kill her, to take her spot as Proctors Wife

Miller wrote The Crucible in response to the McCarthy anti-Communist trials. Take a look at some information on them. There are many connections. Hope this helps! :)

If you are talking about The Crucible by Arthur Miller then Reverand Hale wants John Proctor to take his knowledge of Abagail's lies to the court and expose her. John is hesitant to do so for fear that Abagail will tell everyone about their affair


Elizabeth is John Proctor's wife in The Crucible. Elizabeth is a loyal wife who tells John to follow whatever course of action he wishes to take. Also, Elizabeth is unforgiving to John at the start of the play, because she finds out that John had had an affair with their serving girl, Abigail Williams. However, at the end of the play, Elizabeth is loyal to John and she confesses his love for him. When she finds out about the affair, Elizabeth instantly sacks Abigail. Elizabeth and John's relationship is described by Arthur Miller (the author of The Crucible) as 'cold and bitter'. Elizabeth and John are in a marriage where they are not suited to one another. Also, Elizabeth blames herself for being 'emotionally cool'. She doesn't have the same passionate nature as John.

The Reverend wants John Proctor to take the information he has to court and expose Abigail for being a liar and a fraud. This idea is upsetting to John because he is worried Abigail will try to get revenge by telling everyone they had an affair. The Crucible was penned by Arthur Miller.

Chester Arthur took place in the preident's office was in 1881

She believes Abby wants to take her place as John's wife, because he is a lecher.

pg. 33 Proctor says to Giles that he is going to take his lumber home, but Putnam objects and says that the part of the Forrest that he got the lumber from was a tracts in his bounds. But Proctor argues that Goody Nurse's husband sold it to him, and the Putnam says that he had no right to because it was part of his grandfathers will.

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The causes and effects in the crucible are: Lust - leads to abigail and proctor's affair, then ultimately the deaths of many Jealousy - Abigail is jealous of Elizabeth Proctor and wants to kill her "You drank a charm to kill Goody Proctor!" - then John Proctor is killed Superstition - only a fool who is superstitious would take a group of teenage girls word that they were being bewitched; as a result, there is mass hysteria and many innocent people are killed Mary Warren's shifting alliance - she screws John Proctor over by lying

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John Proctor struggled with whether or not he should believe in witches throughout the whole play. He did not take part in the trials except for towards the end when he is tried by the court and given the decision of whether to die a witch or die having stuck with what he believed in, which was that witches did not exist, and that all of his friends and family who were tried and killed for witchcraft were actually innocent

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I think the quote, "He have goodness now, God forbid i take it from him" (Miller 887). It shows Elizabeth finally being at peace with herself. She feels good about not inlfluencing John's decision, but still help him be confident that he is doing the right thing.

The plot is not true to the historical period. The setting is very limited; the scenes take place only in rooms and the court. Some characters are underwritten and we are limited to their thoughts. Many are also repetitive.

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