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Where is most of the water in California located?

Very little of the water in California falls in the southern part of the state, where most of the population is. Most of the water is in the northern part of the state, which gets much more rain and snow. The State Water Project and federal Central Valley Project both move massive amounts of the water that falls in Northern California south to the Central Valley and Southern California.

What part of California gets most rain?

most rain or snow , South California

What state gets the most tourists?


What places in California have the most water?

the ocean has the most water in california specially near the marina

What country gets the most floods?

U.S.A. in California

Which California city gets the most sunshine?


Which part of CA gets drinking water by piping it though a system of aqueducts?

Southern California, with most of it going to Los Angeles.

What areas of California receive the most precipitation?

In the last 4 years California has been in a complete drought for a majority of the state. Usually Northern California gets the most rain. We had good rains this winter but it will not replace the ground water that is now gone or very low. Some cities and towns are without water.

What place in Africa gets the most rain?

The place that gets more rain is central and south africa.

What part of Africa gets the most rainfall?

Central and South Africa.

What part of Mexico gets the most rain?

Central and Southern part

What is the most dangerous storm in California?

the most dangerous storm in California is a rain storm. the reason this is this way is because all of California gets rain storms.

Which California valley is responsible for most of the nation's grapes?

central valley

Where are wild flowers most common?

monterey peninsula central California

What type of fish farming is the most profitable in central California?


Which State gets more votes than California?

There is no such state. California is the most populated state in the US.

What is the most precious natural resources in central Asia?

is water are most precious resources in central asia

Where does the central valley get most of its water?

the osin

Where was the setting in most of John Steinbeck's books?

Central California was the setting of his books.

What state uses the most water?

California uses the most water in the United States.

California gets about 250centameters of rain in a year?

Well, California gets a lot of rain in all differ ant places. But the most likely answer to be would be Colorado river aqueduct.

How does water gets energy from the sun?

Energy that water gets from the sun is most commonly absorbed in the form of heat.

Which states uses the most water?


Which state borders the most water?

California does.

Cells get most of their water by?

The cell gets most of the water by the vacuole which stores the water and gives it to the cell when needed