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one end on the spark plug and one end on the distributor unless you have individual coil packs

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Q: Where does each spark plug wire go?
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Can you find you a diagram on the location of each spark plug wire on the coil pack?

go to autozone .com then go to troubleshooting and ignition you will find it there

Where does spark come from on a 90 dodge ram 318?

The computer uses the pick up plate in the distributor to know when to activated the coil to cause a spark to go down the coil wire to the distributor cap and through the cap and rotor to an individual plug wire to the spark plug.The computer uses the pick up plate in the distributor to know when to activated the coil to cause a spark to go down the coil wire to the distributor cap and through the cap and rotor to an individual plug wire to the spark plug.

You need to know where each plug wire goes from cap to motor?

They go from the cap to the spark plugs. Replace one at a time to avoid confusion.

How do you install spark plug wire?

you would follow the spark plaug wires from the disributor to the spark plug and replace it. Spark plug wires are different sizes in length depending on where they go. Also make sure they are in the right order or your engine might run rough.

How to Diagnose no spark 1993 Camry?

go to part store get Spark Tester then take home and hook to end of spark plug wire and engine block.

How can a spark plug wire be repaired?

Go to the local auto wreckers and get one. They're dirt cheap.

How do you install spark plug wires?

just twist and pull wire, do 1 wire at a time as you can't mix the places up they go

How do you test a lawn mower ignition coil?

Remove the kill wire from the ignition coil. It's the only wire that doesn't go to a plug. Remove one of the spark plugs. Reconnect the plug wire to the plug that has been removed. Make sure the threads of the plug are touching metal on the engine somewhere. Crank the engine. Should see spark. If not, bad coil.

Where do the spark plugs wire go in your 94 Honda civic dx?

It is important to know how the engine of a car works. In a car, the spark plug cables connect to the vehicles spark plugs.

How do you find the spark plugs on a 1984 Chevy citation?

the spark plugs are screwed into the engine block and the top part of them is covered by a single wire, if you have a four cylinder engine, there will be four spark plugs, the wires will all go from the spark plug to a distributor cap and should pull straight off on each end, if you are replacing the spark plugs make sure not to change any of the wire locations

How do I change the spark plug wires go on a 1995 Buick Park Avenue?

Answer I can only assume that your question is How do I change the spark plug wires on a 1995 Buick and how do I know where they go? You take one wire at a time out of the top of the engine, and trace it to the distrubuter. Replace that wire and continue replacing each wire the same way as you did with the first one. When you are finished the car should run properly, but while you are changing the wires why not change the plugs too.

Where are the spark plugs on a 1993 s10 chev Blazer?

Spark plugs are in the engine under the spark plug wires. Follow the wires (usually 1/4 to 3/8 in diameter) to the engine. Spark plug wires are easy to identify because they are the thickest and most uniform colored wires in you engine compartment. Pull out the cables (like a lamp plug) and beneath you will see the spark plug. Remember, EACH WIRE HAS TO GO WHERE IT WENT. If you are changing plugs for the first time, start at one end, replace each plug and its wire one at a time and move your way to the next. If you bought a spark plug wire kit, match the length of the old wire to the closest wire of the kit (they will not always be exact, but they will be close). To replace the plugs, use a ratchet and a "spark plug" ratchet head. Twist the old one out and twist the new one in until it is "firm" meaning you can feel it seat and just a touch of oomf beyond. The new wires plug onto the new plugs like plugging in a lamp (except externally). You will feel the wire "grip" the plug. To make sure, give the wire a slight (lifting a Gatorade) tug to make sure it is in place. If a wire is off, you will hear a pause when your engine is in idle. If this happens, simply re-mash all of your plugs until the engine runs smoothly.

How do you change spark plugs on a motorcycle?

Take the wire off of the spark plug by pulling it straight out. Find a deep socket that will fit the spark plug and turn it counter-clockwise. Go to the motorcycle shop and show them the spark plug you took out and tell them the year, make, and model of your bike. Reverse order to put back in.

What spark plug goes to distubutor?

all the spark plug wires go to the distributor.

How do you remove spark plug on a Yamaha road warrior?

usually there is a wire near the top of the combustion chamber connected to a spark plug, (a porcelain tip will be sticking out once you remove the wire from the top which should be metallic). I go to sears and pick a spark plug socket attachment for my particular spark plug. ( you will have to find out what size spark is used in you bike) When you are finished unscrewing the spark with you tool, make its lefty loosey, ;). Go to your local shop buy a new spark, and if you are broke, like me, clean the socket you just bought from sears, cleaner than when you got it usually covers it, and get your cash back. did this answer your question? peace

How do you identify a broken spark plug?

take a test light. ground the test light to the battery then take the test light and move it around the suspect spark plug if the plug wire or spark plug are cracked or defect the spark will go to the test light and you will see the spark. if you don't see any spark its not broken.You can also use CheckSpark to quickly evaluate all your plugs and identify bad plugs and wires in seconds.

How do you change spark plug wires in 1999 corolla?

You can go to the dealer or to an auto parts store to buy new spark plug wires. When you get them open the box and lay the plug wires side by side on the work bench,you will see that there are 4 wires and each one is slightly longer than the other. Now looking at the engine, you will see that there are 4 plug wires on the top of the cylinder head, starting with the plug wire on the far left, gently pull the plug boot ( do not pull on the wire ) free of the spark plug hole, then follow the wire to the plastic connector, this is round and cylindrical in shape,on the right side of the connector you will see a lever, push the lever in, and pull connector apart, then taking the longest new wire, push the connector together until it " clicks ", then press the spark plug boot down firmly until it is in place,compare the new one you just replaced to the other old 3 ones and see how far down it should be. Then continuing from the left to the right, replace the remaining spark plug wires. ( note ! ) Only remove 1 spark plug wire at a time.

How do you replace spark plug in a 1996 Suzuki Sidekick?

Fist step is to remove the top cover over the top of the engine, and then remove the ignition coils (one for each cylinder, and then you need an extra deep slender spark plug socket to go in and remove the actual spark plug. The ignition device is approx 5" long and just pushes into the top of the spark plug. the answer if for suzuki sport 1.8L (you forgot to say motor type) the 1.6L vastly more common you twist the spark plug wire boot on to of spark plug , this is on top of valve cover. then pull then out comes boot and wire then you attach a spark plug socket to your 3/8" driver ratchet then blow out the spark plug well with shop air so sand dont fall into engine. if oil is inside well the Valve cover gasket is bad. then unscrew the spark plug CCW then with a 1/4" id rubber hose fish the spark out of hole. some sparkplug sockets have rubber plug retainers and some times works.

How do you know what wires go where when putting the wires back on your car spark plugs?

Every car has it's own firing cycle. You should label where each spark plug wire goes before you take it off. Number them 1-4 or 1-6 if you have a V6, be sure to take note of where they are positioned on the Distributor cap as well as which plug they go into.

Where is the coil on a 2003 Chevy 5.3 engine?

there is one coil for each cylinder, and there's 4 coils mounted to each spark plug cover. open the hood. you'll see the spark plug wires. those go directly into each coil

Will performance spark plug wires mess up non performance spark plugs?

No. The better performing spark plug wires will allow more voltage to get to your non performance plugs and may make your non performance plugs fire just a bit better. This is due to less resistance in the spark plug wire and the wire may be of a larger diameter and this too allows more voltage to flow to your plugs. When you install the plug wires make sure to buy some spark plug boot grease and put some inside the boot where it snaps onto the spark plug head. This grease keeps the boots from sticking or bonding to the spark plug head. It makes it easier to remove the plug wire from the plug. Make sure the plug wire boot snaps onto the plug head, and only change out one wire at a time. If you pull all of them off, you better know what order they go back on. So take one off, get one of your new wires and hold the new one up to the old one and make sure you have about the same length wire and put that one on. Then pull another one off and do the same thing.

Why does my spark plug wire pop out when I go too fast?

the speed might be related in three ways - either the wind speed under the vehicle is creating a draft that is pulling on the wire or the engine mounts are collapsing and the engine is moving about with an increase in speed or the increased vibration at higher speeds is loosening the wire. Assuming the problem is not collapsing engine mounts the wire should not be affected by either draft or engine revs and the fact that it is coming off means it probably needs replacing. I am assuming by spark plug wire you mean the spark plug lead not the cap on the plug itself. if the cap is coming off it could be the spark plug is not tight and the cap is being blown off or just that the cap is aging and does not clamp on tightly anymore.

Where are the spark plugs for your 2001 Kia Sephia?

under the hood usually right on top you should see four black wires in a row. pull of the wire and the spark plug is there. Go to there is a tutorial on spark plug replacement it's under the tune-up section

Why does Ford F-150 sputters after spark plug changed?

Go to any Auto parts Store and get the book for your year, make, and model and check the firing order for you vehicle. You may have a spark plug wire hooked wrong to the distributor...

2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Tune up instructions Where did the cables go?

each spark plug has its own ignition coil mounted on the plug itself