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Where does freedom of speach come from?

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What freedom is more common in the first amendment?

freedom of speach

Does democracy have freedom?

Of course. For an example contries that are a democracy have freedom of speach.

What are three rights or freedoms guaranteed by the constitution?

Freedom of speach, religion and freedom of work

What else does the constitution guarantee to all the states?

Freedom of speach

What freedoms were the people of Napoleon's day willing to sacrifice?

freedom of speach

One goal of the constitution was to establish what?

One of the main goals of the constitution was freedom of speach, freedom to worship and equality.

What powers of government are specifically listed in the constitution?

there are share the power,freedom of print,freedom of speach,and the right to vote.

What rights does amendment 1 protect?

It protects our freedom of relgion, our freedom of speach and the press and the right to protest peacefully.

What freedom did Mao take away from the people?

there freedom of speach and what they have to do , and they only got to prasie one god which was mao .

What are the rights protected under the fifth amendment?

β€’ Freedom of Religion . .Freedom of the Press. β€’ Freedom of Assembly. β€’ Freedom to petition the government. freedom of speach. Congress shall make no laws . . . abridging the freedom of speech. Examples of freedom of speech.

What 3 major areas of policy did the warren court decisions affect?

the three were the civil rights , due Process , and freedom of religion and freedom of speach

What are some good arguments in defense of same-sex marriage?

The constitution speaks of pursuit of happiness, freedom of speach, freedom of religion... why is interacial marriage allowed

When was Bernadette Speach born?

Bernadette Speach was born in 1948.

How tall is Peter Speach?

Peter Speach is 5' 11".

Where freedom of speech came from?

The Greeks invented Democracy thousands of years ago - the cornerstone of which is free speach, and it has been adopted and refined since then to suit.

When was Peter Speach born?

Peter Speach was born on August 8, 1955, in Syracuse, New York, USA.

What is language embellishment?

Idiom, hyperbole, metaphor, figure of speach, saying, proverb - all these are embelishments that make speach more colorful.

Is paying taxes a basic civil right?

yes in fact it is Paying taxes is an obligation imposed by the Government and not a right. A right is something that is inalienable and that the government can not take away or control. Rights include freedom of speach, the right to vote, the right not to vote and freedom of religion.

Which country has no freedom of speach?

Many don't. China doesn't since it is communist. Russia really doesn't since the news and TV are controlled by the state. Many Arab nations are monarchies and they don't. Cuba, Somalia, and some South American don't have freedom of press or speech.

Can Torus Palatinus affect singing in a vocalist?

I think a large torus Palatinus can affect speach. but i believe it can be over come through training and practice.

Which did the founding fathers think was more importand the common good or individual rights?

For them the individual right were more important because in the first amendment ittalks about all of our choices that wehave like freedom of speach

How did martin Luther inspire people?

with his speach I have a dream

Is Ketchup and mustard a noun?

it is not a kind of figure of speach

What is the part of speech for reading?

Part of speach for reading

When did the Latinos come to America and why?

for freedom