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Where does french language originate?


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Salut. Answer: French is developed from Latin as it was spoken in early Rome. It is actually divided into 3 types; early french; middle french (16e - 18e century); and, modern french. Like english, modern french is heavily integrated with influences from other languages.


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The term "buffet" originates from the French language.

French. It means 'training'.

Because the LANGUAGE derives from Latin, the actual French people come from the Romans.

Originally it derived from French languages. :)

The French language is descended primarily from "Vulgar Latin" and evolved from the Gallo-Romance dialects that were spoken in northern France.

French. That is why derriere is putting your foot behind because in French it means behind...!!

Braille was named after the French founder of the written language, Louis Braille.

French language started in France. There were various stands of French, all of them Latin-based, which eventually merged. The first document written "in French" is dated 843, but French evolved a great deal since then.

ASL (american sign language) is largely based on FSL (french sign language) but it actually originated in North America

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The Latin term is 'bovem', which passed into 14th century French as 'buef' which in modern French became 'boeuf'. This French word entered the English language as 'beef'.

Rome. It's a form of Latin that developed, in various forms, in the area known as Gaul.

It comes from the old French "boue" and is probably of ancient Germanic origin.

It has not been clearly defined, there is an old French word 'mousseron' probably from Latin 'mussirio'

The French language is the official language in French Polynesia.

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The French Language comes from the Latin Language of the Roman Empire which originated in Rome, Italy. It has also been influenced by German. For example, in the Passe Compose, the same verbs take is instead of has as in the German present and past perfect.

no one really knows why language was originated

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Spanish language came from the latin language

Well the English language has words that originate from many other languages so it's possible that the words may have originated or parts of the words has french origins.

The word "parachute" comes "para", meaning "against" or "counter" in Ancient Greek, and "chute", the French word for "fall".

The Anglo-Norman French language origins of the Granger surname are first found in the ancient records of Norfolk, England.

The French language developed from the Latin language.

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