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Honey bees live in a hives the hives needs spots for their honey

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Q: Where does honey bee live?
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What types of bee's live in a hive?

honey bee's, western honey bee's, eastern Honey bee's

What is a honey bee called?

honey bees live in hive on the tree

Can a honey bee live in a hollow tree?

A hollow tree is the natural home of a honey bee.

Do honey bees live in a colony?

Yes honey bee's are known to live in a colony.

Where does a honey bee live?

In a hive.

What does the quotation an idyll of the honey-bee mean?

"An Idyll of the Honey Bee" by John Burroughs is a poetic essay about the life and virtues of a honey bee. In it he describes the honest and forthright lives he believes honey bees live.

What is a honey bee's nest called?

honey bees live in hive on the tree

Why do honey guide birds and honey badgers live together?

When the honey guide bird finds a bee hive with honey, it makes a certain noise. Then the honey badger follows the sound of the bird until it find it, and the bee hive. The badger then breaks down the bee hive and the badger and the bird eat all the honey :) and live happily ever after ;p

How is a honey bee different from a bumble bee?

the honey bee makes honey the bumble bee does not

What how old can a honey bee live for?

Honey bees live for about 6 weeks in summer and 6 months in winter.

What social group does the bee live in?

Honey bees live in colonies.

Do killer bees live in Texas?

There are Africanized honey bees in Texas. The name 'killer bee' was given to Africanized honey bees by sensationalist media -- the sting of an Africanised honey bee is no worse than that of the Western honey bee. However, they are not as docile as the Western honey bee and sting more readily and in larger numbers.

What do honey bees live in?

A honey bees habitat is usually found near or around your home. They live in comb with the queen bee and they store the pollen in their mouth or hold it with their feet. They clean the honey or pollen with their mouth. Be careful you dont want to mess with a honey bee!(::

What makes the honey bee unique?

they live a certain live style they produce honey help plants reproduce and they protect themselves like we do

Honey bee life span?

The life span of the average honey bee is a few months. The queen of the hive can live to be four years old.

How many miles does a bee travel to get one pound of honey?

A single bee doesn't live long enough to produce one pound of honey.

Do hornets and bees live together?

an a hornet and a honey bee live together

How much honey does a bee produce in a year?

A bee doesn't live for a year, only for six or seven weeks. However, in its lifetime, one bee will produce about 1/12 of a teaspoon of honey.

What is the western honey bee related to?

a normal honey bee a bee

How does deforestation affect the honey bee?

they will have less places to live

What countries do honybees live in?

Utah The honey Bee state

What is the common name of the Killer Bee?

The Africanized honey bee. Euorpean honey bees were breed with African honey bees, creating a hybrid bee known as the Africanized honey bee, or killer bee.

Does the Africanized Honey bee make honey?

Yes. Apart from its temper the africanized honey bee is no different from any other honey bee.

Where does a honey bee live in a bee hive in a tree?

They are no longer native to America do to the over infestation of Verona mites and also the africanized subspecies. Honey bees are only found in the backyards of bee keepers.

Use in honey-bee in sentence?

I hope that that bee is not an Africanized honey bee.