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it comes from orange kittens >:33

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if you mean what does car polution cause it causes carbon polution into the atmosphere

polution marine life consuming it and dieing it never fully decomposes it just breaks into smaller pieces

factories cars. Anything that emits pollution

air polution, polution, demolition buildings

=find and fixes polution==find and fixes polution=

The Marine Corps birthday is November 10.1775

The name, Marine, comes from the Latin marinus, meaning ("of the sea.")

Light polution is where you can't see anything because you have used up all of the light.

the courses of acid rain are: polution rain flooding air polution erotion

Marine turtles do come ashore to lay their eggs.

a little. when people put polution in the air it distroys the ozone which helps in the sky color

Yes air polution can be caused air polution alourgh there are many other causes

more than 50,000 animals die every day from polution.

it has alo of polution

Tuna do not come from ANY continent. Tuna are marine fish.

the word biologst is someone who studies the earth. the word marine means ocean. so a marine biologist is someone who studies the ocean.

Any air polution in the air during sunset will change the colors of the light from the sun depending on the composition of the pollutants.

Factories were powered by Steam and smoke which ruined the population from polution....then they were powered by Water which had no polution.

earthquake, tsunami, nuclear radiant, sound polution, water polution

The marine iguanas came from North Seymour before arriving to the Galapagos.

The Southern Ocean that surrounds Antarctica has the most marine life. There is no marine life on the continent, unless you consider penguins in your marine life list -- they come to Antarctica's beaches to breed.

air and water polution

polution is the disadvantage of industrialization...

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