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The product you are looking for will not act or dissolve fast enough for the task. Use 12% liquid chlorine ( to 5.0 ppm or higher) and brush the algae frequently. Back washing the filter when needed is a great help. Usually once per month. You may need anywhere from 2 to 6 gal or more of chlorine depending on severity of the algae. Adjust your pH and total alkalinity. Recheck chlor next day and maintain at 5.0 ppm until you are satisfied the alg. is gone. Shocking with liq. chlo. once per week will almost eliminate your alg problems. If you can find in your area the product "No Mor Problems" made by United Chemical of Calif. this will help greatly in your month to month maintenance. Easy to use. And depending upon which geographical location you are from you may not want to use a calcium based product if your make up water has a high calcium content.


2007-09-27 23:15:52
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Calcium tablets to be chewed?

You can chew some calcium tablets. When buying the tablets make sure it says chew-able.

Can dogs take calcium tablets?

yes dogs can take calcium tablets but you need to check with a vet to get correct dosage

How many lbs of bromine tablets equals 5gallons?

to get 5 gallons how many lbs of bromine would it take?

When we add calcium tablets in water they react to produce bubbles. Why does this happen?

"Calcium tablets" is a bit vague. If you put calcium metal in water it will form bubbles as the calcium reacts with water to form calcium hydroxide and hydrogen gas (the bubbles). If you put tablets of some calcium salt in water ... you'd need to be more specific about what it is for us to answer the question.

What is meant by forte in tablets?

Forte/Forté may refer to: Forte, from the French fort for "strength" Forte in medical products (such as syrup, tablets) can be considered as "Fortefied"- strenghtened (given extra strength Such as Calcium tablets Forte (means strong calcium, extra strenghten, boosted calcium tablets)

What does calcium carbonate do in rennie tablets?

Calcium carbonate is for neutralising the excess of acid in the stomach.

What type of chemical is in antacid tablets?

magnesium and calcium carbonates, magnesium and calcium hydroxides

What base can be found in indigestion tablets?

calcium hydroxide

What elements make up antacid tablets?

The main ingredient in antacid tablets is calcium carbonate, also known as calcite or chalk. Calcium neutralizes the acid when taken.

Why do doctors advice elderly people to have calcium tablets?

doctors advice elderly people to have calcium tablets because their bones become weak and teeth starts falling.

Are there any tablets to grow nails faster?

Nails need calcium and vitamin D and B to grow so take calcium tablets and tablets that promote bone health. You can also buy nail growth polish at the chemist.

What can you do about a calcium deficiency?

Eat calcium sandals every day twice but donot take protein tablets along with calcium tblets

Why do doctors advise elderly people to have calcium tablets?


Can you swallow calcium and vitamin d tablets whole?

Some calcium tablets are chewed, others are swallowed whole. If vitamin D is in an oil caplet, swallow whole; if in a solid tablet, it does not matter.

Can calcium deficiency cause white spots on the face?

Yes, this white spots on face can be easily removed by taking calcium it is mainly cause by deficiency of calcium in body..........i have done this method and it is really effective and tablets are also easily available.......

What happens when you eat calcium carbonate?

When ingested, Calcium Carbonate is generally safe. It is often the inert ingredient in tablets.

What is the chemical sentence for antacid tablets?

Antacid tablets may contain calcium carbonate, aluminium hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide.

Is it still safe to take calcium tablets?

yes at the right dose

How many calcium carbonate tablets to use on tomato plants?


How often should you shock your swimming pool if you are using bromine tablets?

Every time it gets nasty.

What causes high bromine levels?

Assuming you have a bromine delivery system such as a floater or feeder and you have tablets in the floater, as bromine dissolves the concentration gets higher in the water. Turn the delivery system down or off until the level drops into the acceptable range.

What happens when you add oil to calcium carbonate tablets?

Any reaction occur.

What are the uses of calcium carbonate?

Calcium Carbonate can be found in Indigestion tablets, so I guess one of this alkali's uses is to neutralise the stomach.

What is good to take for osteoporsis?

Calcium tablets and vitamin D tablets, eating bananas (potassium), and whatever else the doctor tells you to take.

What are good pool chemical substitutes?

can you use bromine tablets in a small above ground poll instead of clorine?