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Protein synthesis occurs in ribosomes in the rough endoplasmic reticulum. After the process is done, the proteins are circulated throughout the body.

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Where in a eukaryotic cell does protein synthesis occur?


Where does protein synthesis occur in plant cell?

In the Rybosomes.

In a Eukaryotic cell protein synthesis occur in the?


On what organelle in the cell does protein synthesis occur?


In a eukaryotic cell what does protein synthesis occur in?

On ribosomes in the cytoplasm

In neurons where does protein synthesis occur?

in the neuron cell body

Does protein synthesis occur on lysosomes in the cell?

No it does not. It occurs in Ribosomes.

Where does the first step of protein synthesis occur?

The first step of protein synthesis is transcription which occurs in the cell nucleus.

Where in the cell organelles does protein synthesis occur?

Within the Rough ER

Where in a cell does protein synthesis occur?

Protein synthesis takes place in either free ribosomes in the cytoplasm, or the ribosomes that are attached to the Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum.

Where does protein synthesis occur in the cell?

Protien synthesis occurs in a cell because protein is basically the building block of cells. It has so many functions inside them, like bringing in substances and repairing a cell.

Where does protein synthesis occur in mitosis?

protein synthesis occur in G1 phase whereas tubulin protein is synthesized in G2.

Which cell structure provides a surface for protein synthesis to occur?

The organelles called the ribosomes.

Where in the cell do protein synthesis occur?

Protrin synthesis occurs in two steps transcription & translation Transcription occurs in Cell wall & Translation occurs in ribosomes

Is cytoplasm the site of protein synthesis in the cell?

Protein synthesis occurs on ribosomes found in the cell.

What cell organelle is where synthesis of protein occurs?

The ribosomes are the cell organelles which are involved in protein synthesis.

What do cell use ribosomes for?

Ribosomes are small ''protein factories'' for protein synthesis in cell. Therefore, cell use ribosomes for synthesis protein...

What happens during translation and where does it occur?

Protein synthesis happens, and it occurs in the cytoplasmic Ribosomes of the Cell.

Where does plasma protein synthesis occur?

All plasma protein synthesis occurs in the liver.

How does a cell know when to start protein synthesis?

A cell will know when to start protein synthesis when the RNA will get to the ribosome. The ribosome is described as the protein factory in the cell.

What chemical reactions occur within a cell?

Some examples of chemical reactions that occur in the cell are cellular respiration, protein synthesis, DNA replication, and transcription.

What is the period of the cell cycle during which activities such as cell growth and protein synthesis occur without visible signs of cell division?


How can mutation affect protein synthesis in cell?

how can protein synthesis affect cells? what is the result?

Which organelle does protein synthesis occur?


Where does translation occur in protein synthesis?

In the cytoplasm

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