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Sea otters live in the ocean.

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what coutry do sea otters live in

The sea otter is home to the ocean, being an aquatic animal.

The sea otter is native to the Pacific Ocean coasts of North America and Asia.

A sea otters lives in cold weather.

sea others live mostly in the Kuril Islands, Kamchatka, the Commander Islands, the Aleutian.

by far polar bear because the live in much colder weather then sea otter

They are a type of otter that live in the sea. They rarely go onto dry land.

in 1832 the sea otter was discovered

people are polluting the habitat they live

A Sea otter can grow up to 7ft!

Sea otter is a marine mammal.

A sea otter is a member of the Family Mustelidae.

The sea otter is a mammal and is a vertebrate.

Sea otters' niche is to keep kelp forests and the like healthy.

the sea otter lives in the coast of japan.

A sea otter is a producer. Not a concumer.

A female sea otter is referred to as a bitch. The male sea otter is known as a dog and the offspring of sea otters are called pups.

a sea otter swims around and eats fish and coral

No, you cannot buy a sea otter, they are protected.

No, the sea otter is a mammal and all mammals are vertebrates.

how do you get an underwater room for your sea otter on webkinz?

A sea otter is a mammal, so it has lungs.

The descripton of the Sea Otter is that they suck balls bye.. :)

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