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Simply put, solar, meaning Sun, energy comes from the Sun.

Solar energy is captured by plants through photosynthesis, and by humans through solar panels.

Photovoltaic cells are assembled into large panels which are then organized into "farms" of photovoltaic panels.

Photo, meaning light, and voltaic, meaning electricity, means that these panels harness energy from light. Light from the Sun strikes these panels and is transferred into energy.

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What is solar energy and where does it come from?

Solar energy is energy that comes from the sun.

Where does the power of solar energy come from?

Solar energy comes from the sun.

What is hypothesis of solar energy?

The hypothesis of solar energy states that solar energy will be one of the leading sources of energy in the world in the years to come.

Is solar energy exhaustible?

solar energy is all of them it will come back want die and

Where did solar energy come from?

Solar energy comes from some sorts of lights like the sun's energy light

What is the energy from the sun called?

solar energy solar energy solar energy solar energy solar energy solar energy solar energy solar energy solar energy solar energy solar energy

What is energy that come to earth form the sun?

The energy from the Sun is solar energy.

Where did solar energy first come from?

the sun?!?!?

Where does the solar energy come from?

The Sun. The Sun.

Where does the energy from the thermosphere come from?

Solar radiation

And are energy sources that come from the sun.?

yes there are there solar energy is 1!!!

How much of the US electricity comes from solar energy?

For overall, base on the data from EIA in 2011, 9% of US energy consumption come from renewable resource. Of the 9%, the fraction of Solar energy including PV and Solar Thermal accounted to 2% of total renewable energy. It is only 0.18% of US energy consumption coming from Solar energy. For electricity, it is reported that 1.8% of the electricity come from Solar energy including PV and Solar Thermal.

How did they come to the idea of a solar powered car?

Sunlight + solar panel = free energy.

Does thermal energy come from the sun?

yes ,it comes but we say it as solar energy

What forms of energy does the sun have?

solar energy and metamorphic energy these are the two energy's that come from the sun

Is all light energy solar energy?

No, solar energy only implies energy from the sun. Light energy can come from a variety of different sources like a light bulb or a bioluminescent plant.

Where does the energy needed by the plants to make food come from?

From the sun. It's solar energy

Where the solar energy come from?

it comes from a males we-we it comes from a males we-we

Where does the most popular energy that private homes come from?


What quiestions are there about solar energy?

A question about solar energy could be: what is solar energy?: what does solar energy do?:does solar energy do anything for the earth/planet?

Where does the sun energy come from?

The sun generates its energy via nuclear fusion of hydrogen at the solar core into helium. This energy is sent outward in the form of solar radiation.

Does the sun produce all the energy in the solar system?

Not all of it, but most. Other energy may come from radioactivity within the planets, or kinetic energy from objects that come in outside of the solar system. Also small amounts of radiation can come from other stars.

Where does energy for photosynthesis come from?

The energy for photosynthesis comes from the sun. This solar energy is converted to chemical energy through the process of photosynthesis.

Where does the energy source of solar come from?

It comes from power plant in america.

Where does almost all energy in earth's biosphere come from?

From solar radiation