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In humans, the sperm cells must reach the female's fallopian tubes where the egg is located after ovulation.

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How does sperm get from testicals to penis?

The testicles are attached to the penis. When the penis is inserted the testicles produce sperm cells which travel down a "cord" and into the penis. The sperm cells then go to the female egg and produce a new baby!

What cells of the body do not go through meiosis to become sperm?

The only cells that go through meiosis are in the male (testes) and female (ovaries) gonads. All other cells divide mitotically.

What are sperm cells?

Sperm cells are a part of the male reproductive cells. It is used in sexual reproductions. It comes from the testis of a male. Sperm cells are highly specialized. When they are introduced into the vagina of the female by the penis of the male, they swim up the uterus and oviducts. The swimming is a result of the beating of the tail of the sperm cell. If a sperm cell does not survive within 2-9 days it will die inside the female. The sperm has a head which holds the nucleus, a middle piece and a tail to help it swim. It swims to the egg cell and only one sperm cell can go inside the egg. If a sperm cell enters, this makes a baby. Then it travels down to the uterus where the baby will develop and stay soft while it is in the female.

How does the sperm go into the female body?

The sperms go through the penis into the vagina of the female

How much sperm goes into the female whale?

25% of the sperm goes into the female so where does the 75% go into the ocean?????

If a persons sperm Is half the amount It used to be can It be In creased?

yes you can because a sperm is a cell and cells can repair itself after damage. If the male has intercourses with a female and the male has a half sperm the egg will not be a baby after nine months as the cell has not got enough things to have happiness. You might think that is right but it is not in fact the half will die and when having intercourses with female the half sperm shall also go but it will join to a larger sperm to make a mega sperm and if the sperm is the one that goes into an egg the half sperm than shall rot way and after nine months the sperm shall exit the uterus when the female has a period. If the mega sperm does not go into an egg then and they having intercousres for fun then the mega sperm shall go out of the uterus as the period does.

How do sperm cells differ from other cells?

sperm cells are haploid and only contain half of the normal chromosomes (so when a sperm and egg fuse and form a zygote they contain a full set of chromosomes) and go through meiosis. normal cells are diploid (2n) and contain a full set of chromosomes and go through mitosis.

Why is it important for sperm cells to have a tail?

so the cells can swim around to reach the egg and go inside. :)

How does a female horse get pregnant?

a mare is a female,a stallion is a male. a mare comes into heat and the stallion smells it and mounts her. he shoves his penis into her vigina and releses sperm(his testicals make sperm) and the sperm get her pregnant. go to google

Do any sperm enter the pelvic of the female?

The ejaculate does not go into the pelvis from the vagina.

Are blood sperm cells normal?

NO! You must go and see a doctor (I am a doctor)

What is the difference between sperm cell and pollen grain cell?

Sperm cells are very different from pollen grain cells, although they do have the similarity that they are both male gametes. Sperm cells are animal cells and they are mobile, they swim in a liquid medium. Pollen grain cells are plant cells and they have no mobility, they just go where the wind, or where pollinating insects, or anything else may take them.

What organisms go through meiosis?

Sexual cells. For example, in a mammal the cells that undergo meiosis are the sperm cell and the egg cell when they combine. Meiosis can also occur in a plant, though both the male and female parts of a plant are in a single flower.

Are you supposed to come in a girl while wearing a condom?

Yeah. That's what you do, except your sperm wont go into the female because you are trapping the sperm in the condom.

Why do Sperm cells release dissolving enzymes from the tip of their head?

The mothers egg cell is protected. Wall is dissolved with this enzyme so the sperm can go in.

How do you make bamboo stronger?

If you are a male then you are in luck. Male reproductive cells (Sperm) have a special chemical inside which can strengthen many plant material and also help it in growth. Just pour some sperm on the bamboo and lay it in some cold water for about 4-6 hours and the sperm should automatically bond in with the bamboo. If you are a female, you can go to a sperm bank and buy a cheap sample as well.

Why do you not look exactly the same as either your mother or father?

(Woman) Egg cells only have females. The information in the egg cell is from either the girl, or her parents and other ancestors. (Man) Sperm cells have both males and females. The males have all of the information of the father. The female cells, since the guy isn't female have the information of his mother or other ancestors. When the sperm an egg cell meet, the information of the sperm cell gets transferred to the egg cell's nucleus. The information from both the egg and sperm cell mix. It does not matter whether the sperm cell is male or female, that just tells you whether your child is a boy or girl. Yet, like I said before, there is going to be 50% from both the sperm and egg cell transferred to the still unborn child. The information can even go back to our great-grand parents, so do not expect your child to look 100% like one to the other patent, for it will never happen.

Do all cells go through meiosis?

No all cells do not go through meiosis. Meiosis is only the cell division of sex cells like sperm and egg. Regular cells (non sex cells) go through mitosis. The two are very similar but very different proccesses.

How do tarsiers reproduct?

Only a female Tarsier can reproduct. Same as human, the sperm cell of a male tarsier will go to the egg cell of the female tarsier.

Which type of cell division produce sperm cells?

it is formed by meiosis. At first the spermatazoa go through mitosis making two spermatocytes. which then goes through meiosis producing 4 spermatids which then go through spermogenisi n make 4 sperm cells

What kind of cells go through meiosis?

Meiosis is the type of cell division (a two step process) in which the resulting cells have only half the number of chromosomes that the parent cell had. The only cells that go through this process are the reproductive cells; and the results are the sperm OR egg cells.

Does poop kill sperm?

Feces probably does not kill sperm cells, so don't rely on fecal matter as a spermicide. However, if you are taking about anal sex, you should use a condom to protect both of you from the possible spread of disease and even simple infections. Sperm cells cannot get anyone pregnant in the anus. The cells have to go into the vagina for that.

What make babys?

In most situations, the female and male will have sex, and the male will inject his semen into the female. The sperm then will go to the female egg, if one is present, and one sperm will join with the egg, and fertilize it. For roughly 9 months, the baby is housed inside the mothers womb, and boom, a baby.

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