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The United States Air Force gets its funding from the same place the other branches of the service get their funding -- from the National Defense Authorization Act, which is approved by both houses of Congress and signed by the President every year.

The money itself comes to the US federal government in the form of income taxes collected from US citizens.

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Why is governmental funding of research important?

The government uses funding to force scientists to do research that won't hurt people.

Which nation has the best air force?

United States Air Force - U.S.A Russian Air Force - Russia French Air Force - France Indian Air Force - India Royal Air Force - Britain Israelian Air Force - Israel Ukrainian Air Force - Ukraine Chinese Air Force - China Australian Air Force - Australia Korean Air Force - Korea

Once the air force receives its treasury warrant for the obligation of appropriated funds who provides funding documents to each oac eg majcoms?


Is air force college the same as the air force academy?

The Air Force college IS the Air Force Academy!

Why is governmental funding of research important APEX?

The government uses funding to force scientists to do research that won't hurt people.

Is the airforce proper common nouns?

The compound noun 'air force' is only a proper noun when it is used for a specific air force. For example:Do we have an air force? Yes we do, the US Air Force. How do I join the Air Force? You visit an Air Force recruiter. Do other countries have an air force? Yes, most countries today do have an air force.Note: The use of the capitalized noun Air Force is referring to a specific air force, the US Air Force, a proper noun even if the US is not mentioned, it is inferred. The lower case use of air force is not referring to a specific air force.

Where do you train to be in the air force?

The air force

Was royal air force officially named as Pakistan air force?

The British Royal Air Force has NEVER been named "Pakistan air force" - and Pakistan has never had a Royal Air Force.

When congress hasn't passed the new fiscal years appropriation act by the start of the new fiscal year what does saf fmb provide that allows air force activities to spend money pending the passing of?

Continuing Resolution Authority (CRA) allows Air Force to continue funding activities.

How does air pollution get in the environment?

by factories and buisneses with funding and tranportation.

Which nation has strong air force?

The US Air Force and the Israeli Air Force are renowned to have the best Air Forces in the World.

Who are the air force?

the air force is a military branch

What is better air force or army?

Air Force

What kind of noun is air force?

The noun air force is a singular, common, compound noun as a word for any branch of a nation's armed services that conducts military operations in the air.The noun air force is a proper noun as the name of a specific air force or thing; for example:The Royal Bahraini Air Force (RBAF)The Uruguayan Air Force (FAU)Air Force One, the United States Air Force aircraft assigned to the US PresidentThe United States Air Force Academy Band

What air force instruction does the arming and use of force by air force personnel fall under?

Air Force Instruction 31-101

What Air Force Bases are in California?

* Beale Air Force Base. * Edwards Air Force Base. * Los Angeles Air Force Base. * Vandenberg Air Force Base. * Presidio of Monterey (Defense Language Institute)

Does air force have to be capitalize?

If you are referring to the United States Air Force...yes. If you mean the force that air

What is Britain's Air Force called?

Britain's Air Force is called the Royal Air Force or RAF for short.

What is the british air force called in WW2?

The British air force was, and still is called the Royal Air Force.

Top ten fighter jet with country name?

SR-71 BlackBird - United States Air ForceF-35 - United States Air ForceSukhoi 30 MKI - Russian Air Force & Indian Air ForceSukhoi T-50 - Indian Air Force (To be deployed on 2013)J-20 - Chinese Air ForceEurofighter Typhoon - French Air ForceMirage 2000 - French Air ForceF-117 - United States Air ForceMig 29 - Russian Air Force & Indian Air ForceSea Harrier - United States Air ForceSR-71 is NOT a fighter jet.EF Typhoon is NOT used by French Air Force.Sea Harrier is NOT used by US Air Force.

Are Air force one flight attendants from the air force only?

Yes, all members of the Air Force one crew are members of the United States Air Force.

Do you have to be in the Air Force to be on the Air Force Honor Guard?

Yes, you do.

What is higher ranked marines or air force?

air force

How can you join air force?

yes,i join air force

What is the new name of Air Force One?

Air Force One will remain Air Force One no matter who the President is.