Where does the Albanians eagle live?

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320,000 Albanians live in can you answer my question?how many new zealanders live in Paris, London and Tokyo.

Serbians = Serbia Greeks = Greece Bulgarians = Bulgaria Albanians = Albania

no, Albanians are Albanians.

3-4 million Albanians live in Turkey

Croats, Romanians, Hungarians, Albanians

Albanians are in the white race.

Yes, Albanians are smart.

Aproximatelly 650.000 Albanians..

*facedesk*What ethnicity do you think that ethnic Albanians are, Sherlock?Well, ETHNIC ALBANIAN of course! Albanian is an ethnicity, that ethnic Albanians are part of!Other Albanians are Greeks, Roma and some Slavs, but they're not ethnic Albanians.

Montenegrins, Serbs, Bosnians, Albanians, Croats etc.

The Albanians took Kosovo from Serbs. That is the answer!!! Now, you can ask: WHEN DID THE ALBANIANS TAKE KOSOVO FROM SERBS.

Yes they do, at least the Catholic Albanians.

eagle rays can live for 20 to 30 years.

There are about 8-15 million albanians around the world. about 3.5 mil. live in albania 2.1 in kosovo about 800.000 albanians in greece 500.000 in italy 500.000 in germany 300.000 in switzerland 250.000 in u.s.a 500.000-900.000 albanians in macedonia 100.000 in serbia and in montenegro 100.000 in france 100.000 in the U.K 100.000 in France 120.000 albanians in scandinavia (Sweden,Denmark and others) 50.000 in Russia about turkey there are a lot of numbers from 1 mil - 3 mil

how albanians celebrate rite of birthday

Albanians earn around $ 7,800 - $ 8,000 per year

Way too many. They are to Macomb and Oakland county, what mexicans are to Texas.

SPotted eagle rays live in the upper most corral

Yes eagles live in Australia. There is the Wedge Tailed Eagle, White bellied sea eagle and the Little eagle.

about 70% of Albanians are MuslimsThere is Only one God(Allah) The Creator

Democratic Party of Albanians was created in 1997-06.

albanians major ethnic groop are the albanians 98.6%

The duration of Albanians Got Talent is 2.5 hours.

No Albanians were on the sailing of Titanic.

it depends on what type of eagle you are talking about

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