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Where does the Easter bunny live?


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The Easter Bunny lives in a very deep hole in the ground (also called a burrow) which cannot be reached by humans. Even if people were small enough to fit down the rabbit hole, the exact location of the Easter Bunny's home is top secret, classified information. This is to protect the Easter Bunny's massive stockpiles of colored eggs, jelly beans and chocolate bunnies.

However, it is believed that the entrance to the Easter Bunny's burrow is located somewhere on Easter Island, after a satellite image was taken showing him hopping down the bunny trail which winds between the giant statues with the big heads called Moai.

Legend has it that, hundreds of years ago, the Easter Bunny was having problems with intruders trying to steal from his hoard of yummy candy. He contracted Santa's elves to carve the Moai for him to scare the thieves away from his burrow. It worked out pretty well at first, but every once in awhile, a prowler would show up who wasn't afraid of the Moai. In order to keep his candy safe before spring came each year, the Easter Bunny needed a second line of defense. Luckily, he was good friends with Tutankhabunny's most powerful wizard, Imharetep, who was glad to help him out.

So now, even if a trespasser gets past the Moai, they will be subject to the Bunny's Curse. The Bunny's Curse, loosely translated from original Egyptian, states that the infiltrator will grow rabbit ears and giant buck teeth. Even worse, they will never again get chocolate in their basket - only icky-flavored, stale jelly beans and rotten eggs.

Unfortunately, when the curse was translated, somehow "Bunny" and "Mummy" got mixed up. This is why everyone knows about the Mummy's Curse, but no one knows about the Bunny's Curse.

The only person who ever made it into the Easter Bunny's burrow and back again without being cursed was Bunniana Jones, the famous archeologist and adventurer, and that's only because the Easter Bunny was a big fan, and got Bunniana Jones' autograph. My(this is a different person by the way) guess is he lives in a different universe and he has a tiny little key that he uses to makle it appear and go through.