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Where does the Olympic Torch Relay end?


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June 16, 2014 4:54AM

The torch relay of any Olympic Games ends at the cauldron which holds the Olympic flame. The final torch bearer actually lights a mechanism (which varies with every Olympics) which then lights the flame. Once it is lit, the Games are officially open, and when it is extinguished the Games are officially over. Speculation increases with every Olympics as to who the final torch bearer will be. It is often a widely known, highly decorated athlete from the host country. Recent examples include Li Ning, China's greatest gymnast, Beijing, 2008. Cathy Freeman, gold-medal winner, track and field, and the only athlete to light the cauldron and win a gold medal in the same Games, Sydney, 2000. Boxer Muhammad Ali, Atlanta, 1996. Gold Medalist at the Rome Games in 1960, three-time world heavyweight champ, and one of the most widely recognized Americans.