Where does the Pokemon GO when you use a gameshark cheat code to get it. it's not in my storage box or party?

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How do you use Pokemon cheat codes?

It actually depends on the game system. If it is a GameBoy (or anything similar), get a Gameshark and search up on Google (or any other search engine, but Google is better in my opinion). If it is in a Nintendo DS, get an Action Replay and go to cheats and select the game. The cheats are good and no ( Full Answer )

How can you use Pokemon cheat codes?

Walk Through Walls Verified by: unverified Bogus Report: 509197D3 542975F4 78DA95DF 44018CB4 Rate Above Submission: 12345678910 Above submission added on: 1st Dec 2009 | id number: 12950 Author: Adam12501 | Verify above submission Valid | Bogus Tick to add to printer friendly select ( Full Answer )

What is the Gameshark code for Jirachi in Pokemon?

Using Gameshark could cause you to lose your save file. If you still want to try it, the code is: B749822B CE9BFAC1 A86CDBA5 19BA49B3 D701BCFD B7D4FD1C i find the solution my friend yes those are the real codes for this rare Pokemon but the trick is when you final have battle with Jarachi ( Full Answer )

Can you use Pokemon Sapphire Gameshark codes on Emerald Gameshark?

Can you use Pokemon Sapphire Gameshark codes on Emerald Gameshark?" Answer The answer is- No. It wouldn't work. Answer it work with me Answer I think this web site rules answer yes you can!!! there is a code!! I have it whats the code to do that and is possible to do on emerald to sapphire ( Full Answer )

How do you use GameShark codes on Pokemon?

Look up the cheats, then start the game. Go to cheat list and the click either Gameshark or code. Type or paste the code into the small box then press OK.. u eat a french fry

Gameshark codes for Pokemon FireRed?

i know 2 really good ones. first is RARE CANDIES!!! the code is 82025840 0044. (note 1) then second is MASTER BALLS!!! you need two codes for this (read carefully) enter the master code first: 000014D1 000A :then under neath it (second line):10044EC8 0007. then the actual code for the master bal ( Full Answer )

What are the Pokemon FireRed gameshark codes?

There are 4 types of Pokemon fire red codes. It has 2 versions (v1.0 and v1.1) plus wild Pokemon modifier and those codes are also different for the versions.NOTE: email me at ZELDA710@AOL.com if you have questions or if you want a list of codes [M] Must Be On June 08, 2005 9820F6AE8203 23705B ( Full Answer )

Pokemon FireRed Gameshark Codes?

http://GSHI.org is the best place to look for GameShark, Action Replay, CodeBreaker, Game Genie, and other cheat device codes. Anyway, here are a few... Rare Candy is 82025840 0044. Walk Through Walls is 509197D3542975F4 78DA95DF44018CB4. Master ball is 82003884 0001. And to go with the ( Full Answer )

Code gameshark emerald Pokemon?

here are some i know Warp to event island Must be on D8BAE4D9 4864DCE5 A86CDBA5 19BA49B3 Faraway Island(Mew) 8DEB234A 4C8DC5EC Birth Island(Deoxys) 4A99A22B 58284D2D Navel Rock(Ho-oh and Lugia) 842CB8A9 7F8B0149 7881A409 E2026E0C 8E883EFF 92E9660D

What is the code forshiny Pokemon on Pokemon emerald using gameshark?

Here is one I found. I'm not sure whether it works or not, but if it doesn't, you should search it up elsewhere. This code must be on: 00006fa7000a 1006af880007 The shiny Pokemon code: 83007ce40021 83007ce60300 53000020000f 044800684589 808900042843 1860c0460148 0047905d0003 ( Full Answer )

Where is the web are show Pokemon firered gameshark cheat code?

www.gamesharkcodes.com. www.gamesharkcodes.com the code for mew is 196654887 the code for walkthor walls is 879564132 in the questionaire There is not any nunmbers so u cant of have the Game mate Cause no numbers no cheats SO GET THE GAME AND SEE FOR UR SELF IN THE POKEMART SO HA! u gotta buy i ( Full Answer )

What is the GameShark cheat code for getting infinite Master Balls on Pokemon Emerald.?

Use the "Access MOD Shop" Code: AE44960E2DD6 99468975ECD8 AE44960E2DD6 FF62825EBC40 AE44960E2DD6 805C1D31C295 30BA206B961F 79C4A3076CDE 79BA7465DC00 Press L+A+Select to access the modification shop. Then Use these codes to buy Pokéballs in the Modshop: 5FC4BF056CCE 1 ( Full Answer )

Where can you get a gameshark code for Pokemon quartz?

you can get a walkthru for it at http://www.Pokemon-version.com/Pokemon-quartz-walkthrough.HTML and the game is a hack of Pokemon ruby so just look for cheat for Pokemon ruby on Google and there you go cheats for Pokemon quartz but if you are too lazy to take 2 to 3 min then click the link here---- ( Full Answer )

Gameshark codes for Pokemon Blue?

these are all the codes! Red & Blue Gameshark Codes WARNING: GAMESHARK CAN ERASE YOUR SAVED GAME. IF THEY DO JUST TYPE IN THIS CODE TO GET YOUR DELETED GAME BACK: b123d7cf. Flying Ash: Put 010007C1 and Ash will fly! Turn your Dodrio into Ash: Put a Dodrio in the top of your list.Put ( Full Answer )

What gameshark codes are there for Pokemon Ruby?

There are too many, but you might want to try Websites. www.codejunkies.com www.gameshark.com www.supercheats.com thats all I know. Good luck cheating! Try these 97726CAE9184 17832E0E3475 B85E5A770386 FC3A2D1A63E8 EC12AD996BD2 40D7CF69A051 CBB8A62C958D ( Full Answer )

Where can you get gameshark codes for Pokemon ruby?

I'll tell you the gameShark codes, just list them down. Here are the codes: Walk Through Walls Code E03B0649 5D67050C 78DA95DF 44018CB4 Infinite Money E51e97c3 7858e4eb All pokemons you see in pokedex 767CB1FC DD748434 1285CF69 1834F175 DBB87FCA 6276D975 9A732B89 F770B329 ( Full Answer )

Pokemon Yellow gameshark codes?

Try this on out 01C7C7CF Use at your own risk. This will sometimes make the music slowly fade away when it changes. It may also make your game crash....

What do you need to use gameshark codes for Pokemon sapphire?


Where can I get Pokemon Ruby gameshark codes?

You can go to pokemon.cheatcodes.org/ or supercheats. If you want here is the walk through walls code: CE2CCCB2-5D8D815D hope this helps!Also you can go to gamewinners.com

How do you use the GameShark codes on Pokemon Emerald?

First u go 2 cheats then cheat lists then press gameshark then u enter the f****ing code and now u just worked out gameshark!!!! U nerd.. Go Ikbob the terrorist. add ikbob_indian@hotmail.com

GAMESHARK cheat Pokemon sapphire master code?

If your talking about the code for everything and for a GBA gameshark (not for a GBA emulator) that here it is: 97726CAE9184. 17832E0E3475. B85E5A770386. Hope this helped:)

Using gameshark codes without gameshark?

no you must have a gameshark to use gameshark code because there is no other way to enter them into the console but if you get a gameshark then many codes come downloaded on them so you don't have to type them in GET GAMESHARK THEY ARE AWSOME

Pokemon emerald VBA 999 stats gameshark cheat code?

999 stats has never been possible. The highest seen is about 400 HP. There is, however, a code for MAX stats. I have not tested these, be careful. Back up your .sav before use. . Pokemon #1: Max Stats: 02DF7FD900A0 70BBB5F1DC40 . Pokemon #2: Max Stats: 6BB9F5BD1A61 70BBB5F1DC40 . Pokemon #3 ( Full Answer )

Does the GameShark cheat codes will work without GameShark?

Nothing infinite will stay infinite. Codes that increase things like money will work but it won't be infinite without the gameshark (in other words some codes will make your money 9999999, or so but it will still go down without the infinite code on)

Gameshark codes for Pokemon ruby?

well here is some codes 9E6AC862 823AB7A8 46B7D9E4 A709E9E1 . that is the master code. DCEEEC34 AFEADC26 and here is the master ball cheat. That's all the codes i am willing to give you if you want more go to www.gamewinners.com.( you need the master code to use gameshark codes) .

Pokemon LeafGreen GameShark codes?

Pokemon Leaf Green Mastercode: ------------------------------0000BE99 000A1003DAE6 0007 ------------------------------ Species Modifier----------------83007CEE XXXXSimilar to to the 'Obtain Any Item' code. Your must put the correct digits inplace of the 'XXXX' to choose the species you want. There ( Full Answer )

What are Pokemon LeafGreen GameShark codes?

First get a gameshark then look online for codes after that put the gameshark in the leafgreen game then type in codes. Also the codes can get you Pokemon and items instead of looking and looking you can get them easily. Most gamesharks are $15 to $20. Hope this helps ;)

How do the cheat codes on GameShark work?

First, you go to expert cheat mode. Then, you select your game (don't press x). Press the right directional button on the selected game. Activate the cheats that you want. Press triangle twice to get to the main menu. Press the start game selection. Take out the game shark disk and put in the game y ( Full Answer )

What is a gameshark code for Pokemon larvitar?

The code varies between games. You should clarify whether you mean a generation two or three game, and which one of named generation, as both of these will make immense differences in the GameShark code.